Apples and berries

First, there was a separatist movement among people when choosing the most professional gadget. Soon there was another group who supported and enchanted their own beautiful gadget. Time has passed and loyalty bonds have evolved towards their relative brand. Feelings are so deeply rooted that these two are no less than groups of ethnic or religious separatism. The time elapsed when these were just juicy fruits, Apple and BlackBerry (BB) users are heading towards pure extremism.

Today, the world is divided into iPhone users and BB users. Those who are not as good as extinct species, according to elite users who have these priceless ornaments!

Since the time of their creation, they have been using the apps and features that are constantly engaging in violent activity. The conflict between the two communities is historical and unrecognizable. In recent years, the introduction of new models and generations in the last few years jeopardized the sense of community among them.

If you do not believe it, just try to ask the Apple user to comment on BB or vice versa, you will see hatred in their hearts for each other.

BB was most important among corporate users whose lives were grouped around e-mail or calendar functions. From the recent advertising campaign, it is apparent that RIM (Research in Motion) is aimed at targeting high-end customers who can buy the device like the game.

Apple is also working to establish a friendly relationship with the iPhone. So when the target markets are fairly common to both of them, war is brewed under equal conditions.

BB users are the best e-mail service or QWERTY keyboard, long-life battery, higher-end camera, etc. While iPhone users are crazy about the touchscreen. Despite the fact that the iPhone users have little reason to remain loyal, there is a reason enough for them. This is because it is an Apple product. It should be cool, fashionable and entertaining.

The BB user challenges your competitors to use the iPhone with one hand while these guys give them advice on technology. There are countless comparisons between the two and there will be never-ending debate over the sun.

Although General Nokia is the leading mobile phone maker, these guys are treasuring treasures for Symbian users like garbage and the market. While the Nokia community is expecting a new operating system, Android users are slowly and steadily gaining momentum in the market.

Whatever the small battles of Nokia and Android-operated phones, the war between BB and iPhone still has no effect and is unwilling to rest. So, if you see a BBM code on status messages in social networking sites or chat windows, make sure BB points to the iPhone. And when you see some photo albums on Facebook on your iPhone & # 39; then confirms that Apple wins.

So what's your favorite tool?

Source by Apoorva Dixit

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