Apple Watch 3: Time for a new call

Wrist talk time. Apple introduced the new series with the 3rd Class Watch that has mobile capabilities.

New smartwatches have been sold, just for the celebration.

Apple Watch fans will find that 3rd Series is the complete replacement for Apple Watch 2. It includes many updates, including wrist-to-call calls.

The clock allows the cell to call all the major carrier in the United States. The device supports both data and sounds, and uses the same number as the iPhone.

Calls are not cheap, they will add approximately $ 10 a month to your existing wireless charge, but imagine fun and conversation as Dick Tracy's comical detective.

Apple's new W2 wireless chip helps make calls work. Switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks and clock, and always looking for the iPhone.

Calls can be dialed directly from the clock operator or by tapping the existing connection. Actual message writing can only be limited by writing letters, emo-tapping or dictation.

You can also talk to Siri with voice conversation. It is no longer limited to text responses on the screen. If Siri is used without the iPhone near, though it may cause problems.

While the clock is designed to release you from your phone, the iPhone needs setup and application installation. The call will not work with Android phones.

Most used as the Apple Watch fitness tracker. The new Series 3 series is a barometric altimeter with an extra GPS sensor. Built-in GPS records the distance, speed, and route of outdoor training.

The altimeter follows the heights for the hottest hikes and highest elevations. It is also "ocean proof" and safe 50 meters.

Heart rate monitoring has improved. Additional graphs are listed for the resting heart rate and heart rate. Other graphs and training averages are the same as the fitness of Samsung Gear watches.

Training sessions are easier to start and stop or turn on. Runs can be stopped automatically. Music players are deleted more quickly in the workouts, and music playlists can be set automatically.

Those who want to listen to music with their workouts better synchronize with the WatchOS 4 operating system. Playlists can be added when the clock is charging. Most songs can be downloaded from the iTunes library.

Like most new Apple products, wireless headphones have to respond to the sound. AirPods are a good match for the clock.

While the Apple Series 3 capabilities have been added, this does not completely replace the iPhone. The answer to e-mails and messages is not easy and there is no camera. Your phone still needs settings, apps and other information.

Battery life may be a problem. Because of the restrictions, phone calls can be strictly limited, just as GPS has helped workout. The costs of the wireless service and Apple's music are incurred.

Apple Watch 2 users have little difference between old and new devices. In 3 there is a red dot on the crown, the 2 no. The size is the same. You can use old songs associated with previous models.

The 3 Series Cell Version is approx. It's going to run $ 400. The stainless steel model will run close to $ 600, and the luxury Hermes and ceramic models will cost more than $ 1,200.

Apple continues to improve smartwatch's offer. Although not revolutionary, Series 3 is the first to offer cell capabilities with enhanced fitness applications. The technical giant will find consumers picking up now for the right time to buy.

Source by George Rosenthal

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