Apple searches the brand for the word "pad"

It's official Apple and Steve Jobs act as they own the brand word "pad" and many App Store developers have found their apps disabled or excluded from approval. How does this bode for companies like Neofonie and Berlin's based "WePad"?

There have been many programmers of mind la carte who have got the boot from Apple Appstore like Chris Ostmo, developer of JournalPad and JournalPad Bible Edition. Bible people! He received an appstore announcement telling him that he had to change his application names to be approved at the store. He even went so far to write Steve Jobs himself by asking for participation. Jobs & # 39; answer? "It's just common sense not to use other company's brands in your application."

The main reason for Steve Jobs's reply to the email is that Apple does not have the trademark on the word "pad". According to Apple's brand list, there are only two brands with the word "pad" in them: iPad and MacPAD. Apple recently received an iPad brand from former Fujitsu owner. Rumor only reveals that Apple is filing a branded application to hide "Pad" and will quietly put together a lawyer to substantiate the brand in their favor or to buy out the current holder.

Another application for comment is named ContactPad, which is a Facebook friends importer for the iPad. It was recently rejected a notice that they violated the Apple Apples Guidelines.

It looks like most developers who have become PAD in their name will now be shipped on delivery or existing programs will be downloaded.

It's fair to keep in mind that these apples did the same when the iPod came out, and they told the bites to use the word "Apple" in their songs.

Apple may be here and now just happy to be the master of Appstore in its own right and reject any app with its word program, but they will go further and let someone by the name of Pad, who may also provide an additional page. What if Apple buys the brand for the word "pad". Legal consequences for websites and other companies are overwhelming.

Source by Markus Reily

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