Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A Overview: Slim, UltraPortable with four color options

Many laptops claim that they have "attractive, lightweight" machines today, but none of them fit the MacBook. It really can not be wrong with machines such as the Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A, as it offers a full-size experience in the most compact and weakest form thanks to PCIe-based flash storage. , which is much more space-saving than a conventional hard drive.

Design includes a keyboard with a "butterfly mechanism", meaning that the keyboard is made of a single durable material like a conventional "scissor mechanism". Thus, the keys have larger surface and deeper curvature as they are lighter and more natural.

This machine comes in four beautiful colors: gold rose gold, silver and gray. The Retina display is 12 inches and the paper is thin. The width of the wind-to-edge glass is only 5 mm. Not only is the display slim, its high resolution is 2304 × 1440 and 178 degree viewing angle. The aspect ratio is 16:10. In addition, the display is free of mercury, BFR PVC and beryllium. The glass is arsenic-free. The 12-inch display updates from smaller iPhone and iPad displays.

As for performance, you get Intel Core M5 or M3 processors and 515 Intel HD graphics. The Max Turbo speed is up to 2.2 GHz with the dual-core processor. The 8 GB RAM (LPDDR3 SDRAM) has a 1866 MHz speed.

Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A Hard Disk Settings

As mentioned above, storage is in the form of a flash drive. 256GB is the cheaper option. The first purchase of the Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A is 512 GB.

This is not just the display and the keyboard great on the machine; a trackpad as well. Contrary to other portable computers, the Force Touch Tracker uses sensors that detect the amount of pressure you are using and which encourage your MacBook to communicate.

Sensitivity is customizable. You can choose how much pressure you can make to register a click. The trackpad can detect that it clicks with your finger or thumb and automatically adjusts the level accordingly.

The battery is very impressive with a capacity of 41.4-Wh and up to 11 hours. Some users have also reported 13 hours of use by turning off the display brightness. In addition, 30-day standby time can not be beat!

Anyone who appreciates the sleek, slim designs will love the look of the Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A. Its size is good performance.

The Apple MacBook MLH72LL / A reviews give you an idea of ​​what you can expect with this notebook. If you really want to buy it, get some MacBook promotional codes first. There are many savings options available for online customers.

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