Apple IWatch breakdown

Apple's iWatch is a smart watch developed by Apple, a company famous for devices like iPhone 6 and 6, which has sold millions of units worldwide. It was introduced in September 2014 and is considered one of Apple's breakthrough technology that will compete with a competitive smartphone company and watch manufacturers like Samsung. This device allows us to do basics like reading Facebook updates, messages and even calling "Siri." In addition, these clock programs include Health, Calendar, Weather, Mail, iMessages, and even Paper History that includes NFC and Card. This gadget has not forgotten about everything you practice lovers out there, because it also includes fitness programs like Nike Fuelband and other fitness programs. Because of this time, Apple released a new software manufacturer that could lead to a new look in the iTunes app store.


This useful device comes in three designs:

– Standard Apple Watch, Stainless Steel
– Apple Watch Sports Version With Silver or Spacious Aluminum Body
– Apple Watch a special version that is blended in 18 karat yellow or rose gold to give you a fancy golden iPhone 5s

This design also allows for a replaceable strap. The user also has the choice of choosing between small and large screens.
– Stainless Steel
– Silver Aluminum
– Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
– Stainless Aluminum
– 18ct Yellow Gold and
– 18 karat rose gold.

For those who heard about the "bendgate" incident, it's safe to say there's no need for concern. Because it looks at custom alloys made of stainless steel and aluminum that make it possible to withstand the physical demand of daily activities and prevent a second turnaround. This great device comes with the following features that you can enjoy:


1) It has Digital Crown

The sound does not feel it. But do not worry, it's not as confusing as it sounds. The digital crown is the button that will be placed on the clock. It takes it to look like a traditional winder found on watches but with more of modern take it. It's the input method that will be used on this gadget. The watch allows for zooming in and out of your applications, location map and image by changing it only. If you press it, you will allow you to access Siri and return to the home screen.

2) Taptic Feedback

This is a great feature that Apple has brought view. This feature allows you to interact by clicking on the screen that sends "taptic" feedback (which is a bit subtle and precise vibration) to your friend's friend. It's like a morse code that allows the user to interact with friends by tapping the screen. But that's not all, Apple also bought a chat. It allows you to draw and sketch images and send them to your friends, a kind of light and simple form of the message.

3) Call Button

The gadget also comes with a button under a digital crown. It allows the user to talk with friends. This is done by pressing the button that will provide contact information and image. You can make a call by pressing the digital crown.

4) Interchangeable Wristband

This is just amazing what Apple did with the watch. The gadget has a strap that can be replaced without having to go to the store, all you have to do is buy the strap and the rest is on you. It's just so simple !!. The device has different design straps like leather, leather modern and traditional buckle and also a gym friendly elastomer sport band. As we all know, Apple also has high-end content that continues with bands with Milanese loop with flexible magnetic stainless steel mesh and stainless steel link bracelet.

Price and Availability

Apple watch was led to be a direct contender in Android smart clocks. The gadget will have the opportunity to do this in March 2015 according to some rumors. Apple has not yet confirmed the release date for this clock. It will cost up to $ 349 and is compatible with iPhone 5 and later the model. So, no luck for other models below iPhone 5.

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