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Finally out … and with a BANG! And so strange that one is a status symbol. The Apple iPhone is truly a sensational tool that delivers innovative design, high-quality interface and top quality music and video features. In addition, the benefits of superior user comfort are to be your best friend.

Probably what makes the iPhone a pleasure in the first place is the stunning person. With trim lines, brilliant display and lack of buttons, the device is mounted on a pedestal where even LG Prada and HTC touch can not go. The phone's dimensions are 115 mm high, 61 mm wide 12 mm deep, but naturally feel much smaller than the Motorola RAZR.

Apple iPhone display is a demonstration. It is a full touch screen and not just the show but also how it is used. The display takes full advantage of the size of pho
and is 89 mm (3.5 inches) in size. It has 480×320 pixels resolution and provides brilliant colors, light movements and sharp graphics.

Depending on what you want to do, the touch screen displays the numeric keypad, keypad, Safari browser and music and video player. The operation is easy and pleasant. Typing was simple and although there was no tactile feedback, the presence of correction software helped to minimize errors by predicting words.

In Apple's Apple style, the Apple iPhone menu system is simple, intuitive, and very attractive. The icons make the setting brighter, while navigation is as if the hot knife is passed over. There is an option to zoom in – a very useful feature when browsing or reading text.

Other notable features of the Apple iPhone: – 2 MP camera with video, audio / video player, built-in manual rescue, photo album, photo editing, voice memo, Google maps, Bluetooth, WLAN, EDGE, GPRS and GSM.

Overall, Apple iPhone is quite a revolutionary tool in the market. Even though you do not have the 3G potential, you have to add a good lifestyle to it.

Apple iphone

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