Apple iPhone – then and now

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 it seemed to have caused a revolution in the mobile phone industry. In the same way as his predecessor, iPod, changed how people listen to their favorite songs, the iPhone has changed the standards for smart, compact and sleek mobile phones. One can only imagine the buzz created by the iPhone and the madness that followed the US and UK.

For the start of the iPhone, people were on standby outside of mobile stores so they could lock AT & T subscriptions and secure their iPhone. In two days after the release, about 270,000 iPhones were sold in the United States alone. In the second half of 2008, iPhone because it is available in other parts of Europe and Asia and the Pacific.

However, despite the great ease created by these amazingly thin touches, smartphone touches, a lot of negative reviews, complaints and issues arise. Not many were completely satisfied with the lock with AT & T, which was the sole distributor, and there were other restrictions. For one, the internet was very slow, so downloading music and videos could take a while. Also, the headset was inserted and makes it difficult to use a regular iPhone headphone. In the same light, other mobile phone companies like LG, Nokia, Samsung and HTC came up with their own smartphones, just to support Apple's great sales.

Apart from rants on the iPhone, it was still buying its rivals, like Blackberry in terms of sales this quarter. Time Magazine even awarded the iPhone best invention for the 2007 award. Apple was more motivated than ever to polish their brainchild and soon, in June 2008, was a new and improved Apple iPhone launched in the United States and it was now called the iPhone 3G. With regard to sales, the total number of units of original iPhone and iPhone 3G worldwide has exceeded 13 million. According to sources, Apple ranked third of that year in revenue, after giant Nokia and Samsung.

What's missing from being the original iPhone is now a thing of the past, as it was stopped earlier in 2008. The iPhone 3G now has faster browsing speeds, so downloading music files, applications and videos can be faster and more comfortable. Enjoy the favorite song is simpler, as the headset bar is no longer built-in, making a standard 3.5 mm headset compatible. Furthermore, mobile messaging, email and instant messaging can be a slave free. In terms of storage, the iPhone 3G can either be 8GB or 16GB, whatever you choose. Also, compared to the first iPhone, the 3G version is equipped with GPS and Google Maps.

Now there are now mobile operators that deploy iPhone 3G without an online lock and there are no limits for any downloadable applications. The latest developments with the iPhone mentioned several developers who are coming up with more ways to maximize productivity on iPhone and enjoy its features.

Source by Benedict Hunter

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