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The release of technology has made communication more rapid and simpler. The market floods the latest mobile phones, which are empowered with advanced features and rich features. Today's people are aware of the mobile phone they have and the individual movements to go to the times. Perfectly, the Apple iPhone was the most sought after device that reached the market. This device has been about the city since its inception. Apple iPhone has created a buzz in the mobile market and people are just blasting this extradition device. This high-tech tool is attractive for massagers because of its beautiful design and good performance.

The handset has a size of 11.6 x 2.4 x4.5 mm and is decorated with a windscreen iPod with integrated touch-screen controls. The phone is easy to use, with a gentle touch, the user can access a comprehensive keypad, menu system, and many other shortcuts. In addition, the user can merge the calls by pressing the button to create a conference call. The phone's touchscreen displays a wide range of colors that make the module light and color. The handset is equipped with a camera that meets the needs of photographers. The 2 megapixel camera can produce high-quality pictures and photos. The Apple iPhone is also running on the Quadband GSM network, enabling the user to access anywhere in the world. The exclusive handset features connectivity features such as GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, providing high-speed Internet connectivity. The integrated iPod of your phone offers high quality sound quality. Music lovers can enjoy listening to songs on this device, which can also save some of your favorite songs. Highest audio quality on the phone and fast Internet connectivity increase the desire to buy. Additionally, the user can re-create the audio controls of i Pod. The user can change the playback speed to make it slower or faster at the user's request. This can only be taped by following the iPod option, then tap Audiobook Speed ​​and tap Normal, slower, or faster on the screen. The user can also activate the sound control on the Settings screen, which adjusts the volume from one band to another.

In addition, users can also change images at the bottom of the iPod screen, such as Artists, Songs, Videos, etc. The user can also magnify the keyboard for web browsing, which makes it easier to enter data. To find links to a user, when he keeps his fingertips in Safari on a link rather than tapping and creates an information balloon that displays the URL. The user should also be aware of the basic concepts used when using the handset. A Tap should launch an application where double taping has different effects in various applications. For example, in Safari, double-click on a username / password in a particular web page to zoom in on that page. Double taping a video or YouTube video will increase the video, while the second double tap will reduce the video to the original view.

You can also drag your finger on the screen while reading an email or viewing a web page. Spinning is like pulling, except that the user moves faster with his finger and lifts his finger from the screen. Using a pinch operation, the user can zoom in or out of a screen area. To perform this operation, the user must only have two fingers on the screen and share them. Elements such as song, video, or email can be erased by moving, but horizontally. There will be a red Delete button that allows the user to delete the selected item. In such simple applications, the user can use joyride when using the handset.

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