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With more than 25,000 free and paid apps at Apple App Store, the kiosk that downloads iPhone and iPod Touch is a success. Two US companies, Greystripe and Admobis, can also successfully download and earn money through mobile advertising. Some Advergaming games: Pro 21, Blackjack, Cookie Bonus Solitaire, Origami Rose and Powerboat Racing. These games specialize in monetizing iPhone games. Greystripe recently claimed to have met the downloaded 140 million games that contained built-in internal ads.

To date, 30 million applet downloads have been made. 50% of these downloads are games on the iPhone. Interestingly, Greystripe has developed a specific Flash version for managing mobile ads. This software was not authorized by Apple for games available in the App Store.

For its part, AdMobis, the self-selected mobile advertising network, plans to launch more than 1,000 applications over the iPhone, and will soon launch. AdMobis plans to introduce a new ad exchange system on Apple's touchscreens. Developer volunteers can add labels to their ads at any time to invite app users to ad partner sites. Admobis allows you to increase your visibility without investing in a larger advertising campaign. AdMob is currently offering mobile ads for around 7.2 million iPhones worldwide.

The world is changing, Admobis and Greystripe offer businesses and developers a new and innovative way to monetize.

Source by Harry Preston

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