Apple iPhone 4G Review – Is it worth buying?

The better way to launch an iPhone 4G review than to remember critical reviews of the latest version of the Apple Blocker product.

Indeed the original The iPhone has changed the landscape of the telecommunications industry and has shortened mobile phone leaders between Nokia and Samsung in a short time. Apple has become the highest consumer electronics consumer or largely thanks to Steve Jobs's work.

But all this is evolving, and Apple's flagship must also develop.

Enter the Apple iPhone 4G.

During the Apple iPhone 4G review, we'll look at the new features.

While reviewing the Apple iPhone 4G, we look at the new features and decide whether you're really pioneer or add-ons that can be used without the current iPhone owners


The most prominent version of the iPhone 4G is sexier, lighter body. It is said to be 25% thinner and lighter than previous models. Of course, the weight difference is hardly noticeable and change is merely aesthetic. This in itself does not affect people buying the iPhone 4G if they already have an earlier unit.

But wait! More!

The iPhone 4G boast of higher resolution and display capabilities. The maximum display output is 960 x 540, half of the display that can be projected by a Full HD LCD / LED TV. This is a wonderful improvement. Many people watch videos with portable devices and the new resolution has become Apple's flagship product for a huge multimedia multimedia monster! Of course the sound of the line is already legendary. A higher resolution only adds the value of the product.

Previous iPhone models were capable of W-iFi net phones. But the 4G already has the 802.11, which is a better portable Internet device.

The line is known for its amazing camera despite its low resolution. But the 4G gives 5 megapixel resolution and a first camera to one of the most significant additions …

Yes, the iPhone 4G is capable of video calling! However, the usefulness of this added feature depends on the user's preference. While most people like the new video calling capabilities of the device, some people can keep that as a mere novelty.

According to the review of the iPhone 4G review the model really stands out as the longer battery life promised by the company. Finally, we are happy to use this mobile phone, depending on how long we can use it. The iPhone 4G boast 7 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video recording, 10 hours of browsing through Wi-Fi networks, Internet usage over 6 hours of 3G networks, and of course all the iPhone's bread and butter 40 hours of audio playback!

So the iPhone 4G is worth the purchase?

For users who do not have the previous iteration of the line, the 4G model is the perfect entry point.

But for those who already have an iPhone, whether 2G, 3G or 3GS, and then really radical changes in design philosophy are waiting for the line, it would be a prudent way to go

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