Apple iPhone 4G – Check out the technology of the future

Apple iPhone 4G may be just the smartphone of the century if the latest trend of reports and rumors can be anything. The Apple iPhone 4G has features that no one would have thought of. Some interesting add-ons, some special features, and some very simple improvements are this Apple product.

One of the first Apple iPhone 4G reviews reported that the new iPhone has a special iChat feature. This was supported by the front camera. This new addition is not available on the iPhone 3GS. Some reports suggested that this smartphone has a 5 megapixel camera with an external flash that contains better quality and definitive features. This camera would be stronger than the iPhone 3GS 3 MP.

The noteworthy feature as some sites suggest is that it lacks the traditional Apple design elements bent design. The iPhone 4G boasts a very professional, minimal and simple look, which does not have curves and smooth edges of the iPhone 3GS. The tool's foundation seems completely vague as opposed to the iPhone 3GS curves.

One of the most accurate indicators of next-generation technology is the use of a SIM card instead of the standard SIM. Although Apple does not confirm the confirmation, the device only supports microSIM. The Apple iPhone 4G features are completely different from all other mobile phones, including its predecessor. The size of the phone is about 140g, which is very close to the weight of the iPhone 3GS. The old buttons are the volume, the phone lock, etc. They were overwhelmed and made of metal. It provides a better, more classical and richer feeling.

The Apple iPhone 4G release is completely unknown. In fact, its existence exists mysterious. But there were certain reports and rumors that seemed completely true. Apple iPhone 4G price tag is also unknown, but market reports suggest that they have an iPhone 3GS value. Because of the development and progress of the iPhone 4G, this analysis seems interesting, but only time will tell.

The smartphone's operating system would be based on iPhone OS 4.0 and would support 4G, the highest and most advanced network technology we've ever known. With high speed and ultimately full connectivity, no matter where we are, the product has clearly become the most advanced gadget.

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