Apple iPad – will the photographer ever change?

Will iPad help photographers sell and show their pictures? Or just an iPhone about stereos? Find out why you can be a great audience for photographers and why not.

Imagine bringing your portfolio anywhere with you. Imagine finding camera books and guides. Imagine being personally ordered. Imagine that your customers have their photos displayed on a portable "bench". Beautiful!

There is a MacPro, a MacBookPro, and an iPhone. In many ways it seems that the iPhone is the stereo. I like gadgets and I love my iPhone. But in most cases I'm not sure it's not easy and modern if it has huge benefits.

The biggest disappointment for me – Not Flash. This is the most important thing I want in my iPhone. It's probably a while since the flash will not work on the iPad. So this means you can not see the flash pages or the video and blinking on your site as your photographer you will not be able to share with others … Oh and the other I let down, task … As I write this, WordPress is open, iChat, checking emails, and reading Facebook. How can I live without multiple applications at one time? And what about Photoshop?

So at this point, my opinion … This "gadget" tons is possible in the long run in future versions. But the initial iPad will leave the iPad 2.

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Source by Jodi Friedman

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