Apple iPad – No iPad, but I Want One!

The many-sided Apple iPad has long been a long-awaited entrance to the UK last week and what an entrance it was! Apple fans and enthusiasts waited all night for the company's flagship Regent Street store in London to get their hands on the & # 39; so far the gadget of the year. I'm still not sure what you're doing, but I really do. What kind of dark magic do Mr Jobs have over us?

It is a billing that connects the gap between a smartphone and a laptop, the iPad's goal is to succeed if Windows-based tablet computers are unsuccessful. It seems the Amazon Kindle is also strongly attractions. The 60-day sales of more than two million units are surprisingly great – anyone who plans to launch a product can look at Apple's marketing strategy for iPad release.

Why I Want iPad

So what do you do? Well, you can read your newspaper during morning commute, watch mobile movies, emails, browse the internet, all the usual stuff. Stephen Fry is a great fan of its usability: Speed, sensitivity, smooth glide, richness and detail of the display, hety in your hands, correctness of actions and gestures, untutored and instinctively, not just an accelerated iPhone or a bit downward multitouch upgraded laptop – it's a whole new kind of device, "shouted

But the main point of sales is that it looks like SEXY.I just want one.I do not have to – will not do anything that my iPhone and laptop can not work together, but I can imagine my life gets better in a way that is not possible … I really do.

So, I want to stamp a 429 pound? No. My iPhone may have so much but this was disguised as a monthly contract. I can not replace the phone with an iPad device and I can not replace my laptop, so this is something that I myself I need to get it instead of both. I think if I could use the iPad for all my laptop-based tasks and use it as a comedy-sized smart phone, I'm going to join Regent Street. Now, this is one of the backburners.

The Top Five Accessories for iPad

If you're investing on the iPad, of course you have to think about which plain and sexy accessories best compliment and personalize your beloved new device. The five most important:

Apple Keyboard Dock

The iPad does not have a separate keypad, which naturally creates a little ergonomic nightmare. But fortunately, the specially designed Apple Keyboard Deck takes care of it.

The Griffin Flexgrip

This flexible silicone protective case is available in color and protects your iPad from scratches and scratches.

Cloak Quirky

Non-slip rubber grip case for iPad users to view their ornate device in landscape or portrait mode

iPad Camera Connector Kit [19659002] The iPad does not have a card reader feature that would allow you to move images from your digital camera's SDCard to your iPad device. The two dongles of the iPad Camera Connector Kit are there to import files between the USB and SDCard.

This is a leaving device that solves the problem of having to look at your iPad while flat on the desktop or uncomfortable on your knees.

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