Apple iPad – New Kid on the Block

There's a new kid in the block – bigger than the iPhone but smaller than the netbook. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, launched a great wait for the Apple iPad on January 28, 2010. So, what's the exact iPad?

It's a touchscreen tablet that allows users to host host activities like web browsing, emailing, playing music, watching videos, movies and television and storing photos. Almost every Apple app is available and is tailored to fit the larger iPad display. Like other Apple's technological revolutionary electronics, iPad users can read books with iBooks, similar to iTunes service. The table weighs only 650 grams and 0.5 inches thin with 9.7 inch screens. Battery life is 10 hours and offers standby for one month. It also has speaker, microphone, 30-pin connector. All the device is supported with Apple-type peripherals. Currently, Apple enthusiast can get three versions of iPad-16GB, 32GB and 64GB in March 2010 and all are WiFi enabled.

And Some Limitations

Apple iPad suffers from some limitations as it does not allow users to run many applications if compared to the iPhone. IPad also lacks a camera and limits the ability of video calls and instant messaging. With unlimited number of available web pages, flash multimedia prevailing technology, iPad does not support this technology that prevents users from accessing sites. All We Can Say Apple iPad is either a phone or laptop or music player. It is best to describe it only by potential buyers.

Source by Amalendu Hajraa

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