Apple iPad 2 – The New Generation Mobile Computing

More than 15 million iPads sold, Apple is now releasing another generation of this incredible machine. This new iPad adds to many new features that are missing from the beginning, but the old kids that all iPad users have learned to love.

One feature that many wanted in the first generation of the iPad was a camera and hence the iPad 2 is not one but two cameras. Front side VGA resolution camera for video calls and one in the back to record 720p HD video.

With the latest version of iOS and the new dual-factor A5 processor Apple, iPad 2 will deliver much faster performance. Even twice as fast older iPad demanded by Apple. Graphic performance is said to be nine times faster than in the old iPad. A new version of iOS lets you change the microphone in a rotational lock.

Other features include support for enhanced 3G connectivity and HDMI output, enabling users to display the iPad 2 screen on any HD display. Like iPad, iPad 2 is available with Wi-Fi + 3G or just Wi-Fi.

Almost all available apps on the App Store feature on iPad 2, including more than 65,000 native iPad applications. Old Apple App Store users know that you can find an app for almost everything.

iPad 2 has a completely new design. It's 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the one that makes it easier to handle. The display in iPad 2 is the same as the first 9.7 inch LCD display with LED backlight and the same resolution 1024 x 768 so you can easily use the same wallpaper as the old one.

Although the new iPad 2 is smaller, lighter and uses much more powerful technology, it still offers 10 hours of battery life and is available in two colors, black and white.

This new iPad is missing some updates people were waiting for. Like a card slot and a better screen than these are definitely going to the next version.

So should you upgrade your old iPad? If you want cameras and more powerful hardware in a smaller package with the same price as the older iPad, you should. If you're older now, you probably should not upgrade.

If you do not have a table, you might want to wait and see what other companies are offering in the near future.

Source by Dale B Cooper

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