Apple Crunching Competition for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, this summer's start, is a real turmoil in today's technology market. Although after a release many opinions and opinions have been issued in such a short time, they are still very well sold, especially in attractive iPhone 4 cases. In fact, that was exactly what was expected earlier – the collapse of Apple's sites on sales from sales. The iPhone 4 has paved the way for Apple to the top of the smartphone market – the market that is currently very far advanced due to the advancement of many companies and devices (Nokia's mobile phones can be mentioned as one example). However, it would not have covered the release of iPhone 4, but things would have changed differently. There are many new versions of iPhone, but all features can be divided into four main themes.

All right, not just one. The iPhone 4 has two, but you do not have to worry about extra widgets on the frame – the specifically iPhone 4 covers offer both access. The first camera is located on the back of 5 megapixels and can be used for quality shots that result in increased light sensitivity. Another VGA camera at the front of the phone. Both allow the newly introduced FaceTime technology, which works without any problems and is one of the most important innovations of the iPhone 4 functionality.

Hardware Items
You've probably heard that the iPhone 4 tune thanks to the A4 Cortex processor borrowed from the iPad from its big brother. In addition, there is an additional graphics chip that increases the iPhone's capabilities to a level where it is much easier and faster to load, so even the most complete consumers are very happy.

This is indefinite dessert. In fact, it seems that most of the developers have focused their efforts on the display. The name of the new iPhone 4 is called "Retina Display", which increases the 960 * 640 resolution and 326 ppi pixel density – nearly twice as its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS. . It can be argued that these features can not be detectable fundamentally, but this is still the case, especially when trying to reduce a web page. Never forget to protect the screen from scratches, using a special film or iPhone 4 case.

Last but not least. IPhone 4 introduces iOS4, which is different from the practical use of new applications with multi-tasking. This is exactly the necessary competency of Apple's devices and consumers are constantly complaining. Now, along with all these features, the hope is that it will not be long until many third-party designers welcome this idea and develop applications that are compatible with the new iPhone 4 background and multi-tasking.

that 1.5 million iPhone 4 sold, and it was no surprise to be honest.

Source by Oleg Shapar

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