Apple – Brand iDilution Story!

The post was divided into three parts: –

  1. First of all, I'm going to talk about how Apple's size was at the age when Steve was alive (iERA).
  2. Then I would bring the worst thing Steve Jobs missed and justify why he is a good leader but not a strategic leader (iMiss).
  3. I would then highlight Tim Cook's current Dark Heaven (DieERA).


This was the time when Apple was under the great leadership of Sir Steve Jobs. Everything was okay and Apple was the market leader in the smart phone industry.

People made Apple products for only two reasons: –

  1. The first was the design that every living person loved on this earth.
  2. Secondly, it was the pride of having you owned an iPhone earlier. The brand itself was a big weapon.

People were waiting to buy the iPhone. In fact it was the golden age of the brand, as I said the iera. IPhone 3GS, then iPhone 4, iPod, iPad, iMac and we do not. All the rotten products that the apple ran away has been a great success. It seemed that how many other brands a brand can launch, they will never be able to touch Apple.

Very similar to a cat and mouse game by Apple and Samsung (today's Royal Tiger). Apple launched a new product at the beginning of the year and copied all other brands for the rest of the year. By the time the other brands understand the new product used by Apple. There were always two steps ahead of them.

Then came the news, Sir Steve Jobs had to leave his beloved dynasty in a devil's hands because of health problems. Sir Steve Jobs has done all the wonderful things you love about the princess of the whole world, but one of the most important aspects was missed, that is, What happens when you're gone? Who will take care of your kingdom? The only reason why people say you are not a strategic leader. That's what Bill Gates did, Steve Ballmer is there to look after his kingdom.

Sir Steve Jobs was an iMiss.


Apple has recently informed her financial situation, and if we see that they are counting in India, they are impressive. Apple has also diversified its distribution network, so why do I say DEERA is for Apple?

The reasons are rather simple –

  1. Apple has recently changed its sales model and adopted some new rigid policies.
  2. Introduced two systems that were first released in September 2012, where iPhone can only pay 4500
  3. Mr. Tim Cook is now concentrating more on numbers and volumes

So these are the root causes of Apple's revenue increase, and this is also an inevitable fall.

Confused? Are your head scratched? How is a two-sword sword?

It's a $ 1 million question. The two most important reasons why any person buys an iPhone in analytics is Design and Pride, as I mentioned earlier. Apple is able to keep the design part, but the strategy to go with the number is really offensive to the brand. If everyone has an iPhone, then the feeling of pride will ruin and the brand.

Although revenue will increase but this is short-lived, short-term vision. There are other factors that make the brand spin on the market due to Samsung.

  • Tim Cook first – how he changed the team, terrible.
  • I2I – Disability 2 Innovate
  • Competition, Competition and Competition. Tim Cook is still unable to find out how to respond to Samsung products.
  • So all these things physically, but emotionally violate the princess. Clients lose contact and because the heart's share decreases. The wonder can only save the brand.

    I hope you enjoyed the post, please tell me if you do not agree or want to talk more.

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    Source by Gaurav Madaan

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