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Apple App Store is a network market where third-party developers can distribute their applications for iOS devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) at digital prices.

The App Store began July 10, 2008. When launched, a total of 500 third-party applications were developed for distribution for iOS users.

On January 22, 2011, the 10 billion app was downloaded and continued to grow at astronomical speed and reached 25 billion downloads this year.

It's pretty pretty that if you're considering developing applications but sure about the platform to develop it, Apple is the only logical choice. Nothing against your Android or Windows phone, but why limit your potential to the market, especially for your first application. You have to deal with stronger competition but with the right marketing plan and creative idea for your application, you will have a higher roof for success.

The Storefront:

For unware, the App Store is broken down into categories. When you open it, start the section that is selected. There is a tabbed server with buttons at the bottom of the applet, which allows you to choose how to navigate through the application target.

Top charts – Shows top free, paid and maximum production programs available on the App Store.

Categories – Deletes each application from the categories listed in the App Store. Know these categories well, as this will determine what type of app you will develop and the market you see.

Categories range from business to education, entertainment to games or productivity to health and fitness.

Announced – The programs in this section are the lucky few that have been chosen by Apple editors as new and interesting. The crowd from the front and center of the App Store is as good as gold.

There is also a search feature in the upper right corner so you can search for keywords to help you understand what has been created and what potential for your idea. Pricing:

Pricing structure for apps can get a bit complicated but allowed & # 39; Just say that almost 75% of all downloaded downloads are free, but the average price of all programs sold is $ 4.99. It can not be said that you can not win money with free apps, in fact, it's the opposite by placing your ads on the free apps that you can make good profits. A simple breakdown of this price structure you need to know is 30 percent of all revenue generated by your apps, which sell in the App Store, to Apple and 70 percent goes to you.

Hopefully this article will give you a good starting point and start the creative motivation process for the next application.

Source by Kyle J Stephens

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