App Review – Weather Channel Max

What would you say if I told you that I could upload an entire special cable network to the iPad, you get almost everything you get from this network and add some cool social networking features and special information that you can get online?

Don't answer too fast. Speaking of The iPad's weather channel and this application is the definition of walking before walking, practice is guaranteed to be uncomfortable and uncoordinated.

But first get to the positive positions: The iPad's weather channel actually contains almost everything. You will get predefined videos that are available in all other weather applications. At the same time, you get stormy videos, national and local weather warnings, tweets from TWC personalities and live traffic cams. There are weather maps that contain layers of radar, temperature, rainfall, snowfall and clouds. Of course, as the cable television broadcasts, the maps are in motion.

In addition, the application is free. So how could anything but ecstatic be this application?

Let's start with the "free" section. The iPad may be free of TWC Maximum, but it may have been used at any time over time, probably not. This is because TWC Max is full of ads. Static ads appear at selected dates on selected pages. Each video starts with an ad. You do not care; do not buy the product; you just want to know that it will be rain. Yet they are there.

So even though the application is free, it feels that only one running cost is possible. Do you know that you pay a few hundred dollars every two or three years for a new computer because the old one is just too slow? This is how TWC Max feels. You are happy to get the weather information you want without looking at another car.

What else? Videos are slowly loading. Maps are slowly animating. And the TWC Max is so infamous that it crashed that some iTunes store reviewers called TWC Crash.

There is a lot of information in TWC Max, but the TWC mistakenly judged how much it would be without the application. There is a chance for a sunny future in forecasting, but now, it's an emptying.

Source by Barbara Mae

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