App Hungry? The first program you should know

For musicians, film authors, voracious readers and Android addicts out there, features on your cheap Android table that would make the world similar to Charlie Chocolate Factory or Katie Perry & # 39; sweets land, none other than Google Play.

The feature released in a few days is a dream come true for people who want access to numerous entertainment options in one umbrella window on your fingertips. It's Google's latest offer that allows people to experience a wide range of music, apps, videos and books using Android phones, tablets, or laptops.

This feature on the Android Android table is what is commonly known as a cloudy system that can let one access the service using a laptop or Android device. The plan is doing is very simple for users to read, listen or watch something that's possible.

Google merged Google Music and Google Ebookstore and also united the Android Market to head for the Apple iTunes Store, as the latter has been the main selling player of online music. Although Google has been hesitant to unite its media workers to reduce user potential for motivation, it has seen the need for most people to have fun online. It's obvious that downloading music, movies and books is here to be, so come Google Play.

Google Play offers a selection of up to 20,000 songs for free, from different types and time frames. Google hopes that this feature will be the answer to people's impatient hunger to listen to what they need at the virtual station. More than 400,000 free Android apps and games could also be downloaded. It is also the same with books that Google claims is the largest selection in the world. Movies available also include new titles and HD format movies could be used by each family member.

With Google Play, there is no need to sync any device to use, nor is it difficult to transfer files from one device to another because it's already connected. This program offers a kind of shop for all entertainment, whether it's movies, music or books. This can be accessed anywhere with computer and Android devices.

As this feature is still relatively new, full service can not be enjoyed by people in other countries. Americans are lucky as they can enjoy all the functionality of the site. In Canada and UK, movies, books and Android apps are available. The Australian market, however, offers books and Android applications, but Japanese has to sit for movies and applications. Other countries that are not mentioned are enjoying the programs and music player.

Internet users who are hungry for all types of entertainment would certainly appear with a visit to the Google Play store.

Source by Heather Brigs

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