Antenna problems and more on the iPhone 4

Apple recently introduced the long-awaited iPhone 4, which is presumably the most innovative smartphone ever since the launch of its original iPhone. Many customers who were able to get the iPhone 4 before most other people found that the iPhone 4 was not all that was hacked. There have been a number of problems with iPhone4 since the release date. Customers have a big complaint about the iPhone 4 for the loss of reception when the phone is held in the left hand where the metal antenna tape is located. The simple solution is to buy the phone to alleviate the antenna problem.

The protective case will also improve another problem with the iPhone 4, which means that if the phone falls down from any height, the back of the glass, and the front screen of the phone breaks down. Most people are still in the phone today because they are all sensitive to occasionally pulling our phone away, the iPhone 4 is nothing else so we should not wait to be discarded.

Another important problem reported by customers is that the phone display often shows a yellow color that is clearly visible when using the phone. As the screen became discolored, customers noticed that the phone's volume control buttons were replaced. So, instead of thinking about translating your phone, you'll be able to hear the phone when it explodes when it counts the least. The problems with the iPhone 4 will not stop there. Other reported problems caused a lack of connection to wifi, which the apple never fully mastered, but achieved significant progress and the 5 megapixel camera does not offer a flash option.

From the point of view of sales representatives, I believe that problems with the iPhone are awaited, all phones lose a loss at a certain point in time, so dropping and breaking the phone is likely to happen by accident and not a strong wifi signal is normal, where it is and not flashing on your camera does not mean that the world is over. Is it possible to repair the iPhone 4 and all the annoying things? Yes, no doubt the iPhone 4 could improve the development, though it is still a rather innovative technical tool that takes over and combines several different devices.

What do you still offer a conversation with a friend while reading your emails, looking at the calendar for important dates, taking a photo for someone, and uploading it on Facebook to listen to your favorite family's number while you're walking in the store? If you've seen the iPhone 4 ads, you've seen the camcorder able to see the speaker while the iPhone 4 is. Talk to a conference call on the go! As with any new product, there are always things that can be improved, but there are features that stand out above other competitors. So give me time and I'm sure the iPhone 4 will be the leader in smartphone technology.

Source by Lauren Stephens

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