Android Smart Phone Review

It has long been the first phone on which Google's revolutionary Android operating system, T-Mobile G1, has appeared, and the concept seems to be somewhat accelerated, with many new Android phones and smart phones available. Here's a brief overview of past and present Android phones released so far.

T Mobile G1
The original "Google Phone" released the G1 in October 2008 after the great intelligence as it posed a major threat to a well-established iPhone. It should be said that Taiwanese mobile professionals, the HTC produced G1 disappointment. The phone itself was large and the sliding keyboard complained that it was cumbersome and impossible to use with one hand.

G1, however, contained some innovations, most notably Google has seamless integration of such famous applications, such as search, maps, and street view. And most people who looked over the phone had a huge impression on the speed and reliability of the internet connection when they came out and they said – was it a project that really targeted the Internet for mobility?

HTC Magic
The world did not have to wait long for HTC Magic April 2009 release to improve. The retractable keypad was an intuitive touch screen feature, the much more critical camera was upgraded to 3.2 megapixels, and the device itself was smaller, lighter and more attractive.
Critics have begun to wonder if Google is really something for something here?

HTC Hero
Just a few weeks later, and HTC Hero, also known as G2 Touch, came into the market and now people really notice. HTC Hero is a stylish, modern handset with all the usual functions and some remarkable improvements.

The 3.2 "screen with touch screen feature is clear and responsive to the iPhone as a" Tweezer Zoom "feature as well as useful weather updates as well as upgrades for all your favorite twitter and Facebook
A Hero too the first phone that uses HTC's innovative "Sense", with seven unique, customized home screens that can be changed with the fingerprint.

HTC Tattoo
The latest offer from HTC is primarily based on budget and payment the market is ahead of the market, a slightly smaller and more compact device with a 2.8-inch screen and some have been downgraded to the service department. related to what might be called innovative, but Dext might change some of the comments from the original and old mobile devices manufacturers.

In addition to the Android operating system, Motorola included its own application, the "MotoBlur & # 39; which checks for updates on Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook and displays them on one of the five home screens. Obviously, it was aimed at the social network generation, Dext re-introduces the QWERTY keyboard, which is much easier to use than the original concept that was tested in G1. Motorola also has a massive security application that allows users to remotely delete all personal data from the phone when they are lost or stolen.

Samsung Galaxy i7500
The first Android phone on the O2 network and Samsung's first stage in this sector with the Galaxy i7500 3.2 "screen, 8 MB of built-in memory and 5 megapixels with built-in flash and auto with a focus camera, but overall a quality smart phone that is unreasonably hit

The speed and pace of the Android project has been fantastic over the past twelve months and can not be undermined by Google's commitment to one of the biggest mobile technology developments in the future Whatever the concept of the Google phone, we can ever overturn Apple iPhone as the handset you select is still visible but it's interesting to see how the concept evolves in the coming years

Source by David Nick Gordon

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