Android operating system is the future of mobile computing and smartphones

Android Phones

The new Android phones are phones operating on the Linux Kernal mobile operating system. It was developed by Android Inc. and later purchased by Google. This system allows developers to write managed code in the Java language and control the device with Google developed Java libraries.

Android phones are the phones of the future because they combine the ultimate advances in mobile phones, videos, cameras, computers and operating systems with many applications. Phase development Android Phones started with the first model that had bugs and poor documents, this was first introduced by Sake Game-Android Development Phone. Next came the Android SDK it had debugging, libraries, documents and courses. The final droid was the Android OS-Donut that added supports like voice search, pricing and Gmail freezes faster.

The Android OS system is important in this new system because it enables third party developers to create their own display devices. This allows for more applications and more opportunities for the manufacturer. The new Android phones are made by Google, Motorola and HTC, LG, Dell and others who break into the smartphone market. The technology she promises is the ground. The Android system works like a robot, the user tells what to do and it does it by referring to relieving speed.

The new Android phones are basically bringing the desktop to a mobile phone. It allows you to send email, chat and browsing all at the same time. It can run programs in the background while the user goes to social networking sites. It also allows the user to listen to music and write emails at the same time while talking on the phone. The possibilities are endless; The Android system allows several applications to run at the same time, like a computer with Windows.

There are thousands of apps available for Android phones and more are becoming available everyday. With the applications and multitasking capabilities without having to shut down one action to do another, the new age of mobile phones is thanks to the Goggles Android system. The new Android 2.0 is the latest in the range of Android systems to reach the market. Skills and promises are truly very fast and 2.0.1 is ready for release.

Many people enjoy using Android phones already and sales have been magnificent. Everyone wants a system that works like a computer but is actually a phone with all abilities. The device has just begun and it's more coming.

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