Android and iOS users: Are there any differences?

Although sometimes we read articles about tech blogs about "how and why i dropped iOS for Android Android (or vice versa), in many cases, people tend to stick to the platform they choose." As for software vendors, iOS gives priority to Android as the primary development platform, and for some of the software developers, you can not know for sure. Some people like iOS's smoothness, some like the customizability of Android, and we want to mention some general differences between Android users and iOS users. Apple is not offering too many choices for users, but it is the best choice. Because Apple products are fashion shows, it's not hard to explain why they rank the highest in the market customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, which is Apple's keynote ss. Keeping the brand and the quality of the devices is just as important to Apple. Their users deal more, spend more time in apps, and approximately 80% of iPhone users have been iPhone owners on average. Fragmented Android can not easily achieve this consistency.

This is because Google was a little late from Apple since its inception. Apple is not only bright devices, its strength is the near-perfect user experience and the balanced interaction between hardware and software. Google is trying to catch up with Nexus, but the gap remains significant. The same goes for Microsoft and color and recognizable Lumia hardware.

Hunting for Free Apps

iOS users: "99 Cent? No-brainer!"
Android users: "99 Cent? Eff this."

This is a great example of & # 39; the most important difference between Android and iOS users, according to Mashable.

This is partly explained by the fact that iOS users have more import, so we are able to afford themselves as Apple fanboys and fangirls. But this is just a matter of a large number of inexpensive Android devices: the top-of-the-line Android smartphones are quite similar to the latest iPhones. Perhaps another reason is that there are so many free apps on Google Play and most successful Google. An out-of-the-box Android is ready for use with all pre-installed applications, unlike the iPhone, where you can start using the App Store with a clean device and Apple ID. Android owners have no choice but to be accustomed to the ever-present "free"

Android fans like the changes are no less creative than Apple and they know how to do their utmost devices. Thus, Android phones mean more than a perfect tool for geeks. The difficulties of fragmentation are easy for Nexus.

What about software owners?

The aforementioned differences have been involved in developing the state of things: iOS is a priority in software development and is more open to payouts. If the software is initially free and assumes user base compilation and monetization in other ways (eg Freemium), iOS is still a very attractive winner. After much Android, iPhones are generally popular for richer users who are ready to make different purchases with their smartphones. Still, access to the App Store is much more difficult than Google Play, and these two business apps are pretty much the same.

Here we can emphasize that software owners need to fully identify targeted users. Among other things, Android users make the most of the customizable features of phones, while iOS users appreciate iDevices' simplicity and excellent experience and never have to worry about limitations. BlackBerry is once the corporate champion – now Apple has taken the throne and Android is simply unable to beat iOS's consistency, which is perfect for enterprise use. And brands? Brands are both included to receive the necessary recognition.

To any of us when we asked each other why we like the mobile operating system we use, they each have their own explanations, uses, needs, and preferences that are not completely generalized. Software owners are responsible for managing their projects to creative and professional entrepreneurs who need to create a polished experience that is also drastically different from the two platforms.

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