An iPhone application that tracks service and delivery staff for better efficiency

One of the challenges facing service and transport companies is how to effectively coordinate and improve staff efficiency in the area. (And, more importantly, improve customer satisfaction). They could deliver anything from parcels to pizzas or sometimes to on-site staff, either paying orders or payments from customers.

Often a manager wants the employee to change the route to go somewhere or to place an urgent order or service at a nearby location . If you just knew which of your teammates is close, you can join and work. It assists the manager that employees are logged in and available, as well as promoting better relationships. Trucks, freight forwarders, and logistics can bring significant benefits to using locator applications to increase efficiency.

If a customer calls the call center for a suggested delivery that has not been timely or reports that the television or air condition specialist did not log in within the specified time, the customer service repetitions can only log in to the app and find out where exactly the delivery or service guy, and he knows the customer when he reaches his house or office. In the case of service and delivery businesses, this can result in a high level of customer satisfaction and direct revenue.

Fortunately, the iPhone and iPad slider applications would do exactly that. Everyone can find the group and hit them in the street almost in real time. Your business leader can retrieve your location, track where your Google Street View is, get the map, and route the route to your location. A quick tab is displayed to view a view of a particular place or current location street.

The system details the location of each member in a text environment such as: Michael is Stationary-Dallas. (1 minute ago) [3472 Jones Street, Dallas, TX 75244] Enter the time, intersection (if any) and the address of the member. After being stationary – Tracking is interrupted until you travel again. If you are traveling, you will also make a detailed statement about Jane Traveling-Los Angles. (22 seconds ago) {49 km / h NW} [2009 Country Club Dr, Los Angles CA, 90002]

"When the iPhone 4 appeared with location-based applications, everyone was limited in their ability to do something that was not just a pointer on the map, the group member is doing, show that the site looks pretty real-time and let me know how long they've been there and I would like to use this app for a great team, "says Michael Forehand, who launched this application.

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