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An amazing selection of HP Pet Tracking Collars already exists. One of these GPS units is the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator available on the market. The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), the nation's largest non-commercial pet identifier and recovery service, developed by Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW), the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is a compact, reasonably priced tool that is only 2 , 5 oz, which is easy to access to the dog's neck.

Dogs can then be followed by cell phones or the Internet, or owners can call 1888-Dog-Loc8 to update their favorite location every day. Using the latest Google Maps technologies, the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator not only finds your missing favorites, but also provides detailed guidance on where to find it. In addition, owners can create special "SafeSpots" that are predefined secure locations. When and when your pet leaves these safe zones (for example, your court or neighboring dog park), you will receive an email or telephone notice

One of the most important advantages of the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is that it includes the AKC CAR Recovery Tool, which is designed to help you keep track of your pet's darkness.

As a loyal fan of satisfied home owners, PAW has recently released an iPhone application for the SpotLight GPS P et Locator With this handy iPhone application you can now access all the features of the Pet Tracking System without a computer. Spotlight GPS Positioning iPhone Application helps you track and place your favorites using the SpotLight GPS system. Thanks to the application, it controls the real-time location, historical locations and turning points of lost pets. It also offers tracking options where you can provide real-time sites, even if your favorites ran.

The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator mobile iPhone application is easy to use and packed with useful features. For example, it allows the user to search for more pets and display them on three different views (satellite view, digital map or hybrid) on the map. Use the phone's GPS so that when you follow your dog, your current location and pets are updated daily, all in real time. From the application you can turn on and off the bright LED light to find your dog at night. PAW certainly went a step further in connecting pets to owners, and offered peace of mind.

The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator mobile iPhone app is free to download on Apple

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