An interesting experiment on Facebook Photo Appointment

There is a very interesting experiment I made with Photo Mark. I uploaded 4 pictures. Then I nominated 50 people per photo (this is the maximum number of FBs allowed) and I select only the people I knew or knew before. It would be amazing to show people I do not know.

Shortly after tagging, I'll notify you in the four screenshots of "how I've tagged you" so that you do not get flooded with the tagged responders' message if that happens.

2 groups did not react much. 1 group was very active in the debate on the topic of photos marking. The other group has a respondent who asked to remove it from the "announcement" that another member told her, "You can always untie yourself" – probably referring to my record. All you have to do is follow the instructions given: "An apology for those who are irritated and may not want to tag. For those who want to disconnect, please press Ctrl-F in your browser, type & # 39, in the box that appears, clear the words "ENTER" and "remove" and locate the name of the business, then click "cancel"; also remove your posts, if any, so that future messages do not come "

The 2 silent people must know people about labeling If you are silent and you just click on" Good "for posting, no one gets flooded with messages, then there is no cascade or avalanche effect, then little or nothing I think it should always be "irritation" because the posting does not have a picture of them and it does need that they are flooding their photo page, so they hope to keep a "clean" Facebook photo album that shows that many people have no idea how to "tag" themselves or have to know the photos. would have saved them a lot of trouble, in the following conclusions I give you some tips on how to handle this.

Any discussion has been ongoing and I am glad that most of the respondents – albeit irritated – supported it.

However, my sympathy is for a poor guy, a nephew, who got the shock of his life when he opened an email client. From the description, I can imagine that a great avalanche of the notification emails that discussed the development was completely buried – in a caricaturistic sense. I can imagine you see the Tweety Birds twisting his head off the pile. (No offense: Kok Han Lin!)

For those who use smartphones, there is another disadvantage. Because installing such applications is either pushing or downloading data from Facebook. If someone reacts, the messages will still be in the Iphone or Blackberry device, causing the phone to ring or buzz and midnight (I'm sorry for Clara). I have had experiences before, and my usual practice is to put the iPhone in silent / vibrational mode. Up to buzz would happen. That's okay if you're not insomnia.

I'm not really proud to have made the experiment. This was more of a discovery for my advantages and disadvantages as well as the Photo Tagging countermeasures. If anyone reads this and wants to do it, I hope you can minimize irritation by following these rules.

For those who are socially active or need it, see the third paragraph of the article. Those who are weird and are left alone are reading this paragraph too!

In any case, I would use photo tagging in the end:

Normally, tagging photos usually serves to identify people in the photo. However, you can use it for people reporting or notifications. We recommend that you provide detailed information on why to tag them. The irritation arises when the recipient's face is not visible inside the image. How do we handle this?

In my case, when I get such tagged photos, I'll post it as an ad. After seeing and writing a mental or written comment or nothing, I just tagged the label as above. After updating my browser, the picture is no longer in my life.

If this is an important image, I'll download it to the desktop and then upload it to the right album.

When I post or like & # 39; in addition, ads still appear despite tagging. So the next step you should do is "like it" and remove the entry.

And if I ever announced that I'm reporting, I'll make a "missed" statement that people who do not know how to deal with these things will find out how to get rid of them. However, it is too bad if people just will not read "how to". How can I help them? "Cancellation" can be interpreted as "This post is for advertising purposes. If you do not want to keep this image, you may want to ignore it unexpectedly. Just hit Ctrl-F in your browser, type: & # 39; in the box that appears, highlight the word, then locate it next to its name. Then click on "Remove Member". Also, remove your post, and you will also enjoy it, if there are any, to prevent future messages from coming. "

After the above experiment, I talked to a complicated and" socially powerful "friend about the case and would like to consider my thoughts." It was a social media environment. Things like this will happen. my network. It's okay with me. One day when I need them, I will do the same thing and not protest. we even recommend that you do not have them on Facebook or social media. I still think that these people are likely to have very little friends or just a very closed or small circle. So live and let go. "

Interesting comment, but of course this is his opinion, I have weight, everyone has the right to participate in social media – just because he has carefully considered privacy settings to minimize problems or at least correct adjustments when unpleasant situations they find it.

Source by Alex Leow

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