An Apple Netbook – Apple's New Product Range?

After the October Notebook event, Apple hopes to have released the netbook, it disappeared. Steve Jobs said in a question and answer session that "we will see that he is going". At the time of the announcement, Jobs said the market was too small.

But you have to make sure that Apple has completely said the truth or not. Steve was probably right when he said he did not let go of a MOST [at the time of the event, October 14th] but who knows how far he is? this is technology. The technology is there, created the MacBook Air, which is smaller and lighter compared to other notebooks, only when Apple complies with the standards.

In addition to the technique, another factor has included comments that Apple never wants to separate sales from its own products. Why tell people that a netbook will soon come when you can tell them they are buying a Macbook and then releasing a Netbook in a few months [or Macbook Mini]. Now I'm not saying this is bad or that Apple is a liar and can not trust it, it's actually a good deal. Apple's business model is surprising, as you can not go anywhere without seeing, hearing, talking, breathing something. So to keep up on the netbook to provide space for the new product family, it's not a brain.

You can also argue that the $ 999 Macbook is a netbook [high-end]. Larger, larger and more expensive than the typical netbook, it has the same functionality [and more] while still cheaper than a typical Apple notebook.

As Apple refreshes notebooks to better match Macbook Air [and iMac]I believe there is an incentive to rationalize the Apple TELJES product family. Now iPod has Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch; the notebooks include: Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air; and desktop computers: Mac Pro, iMac and Mac Mini. Now I have a lot of names that pass through these lines and while I do not think this is confusing, I think they can use some better strategies to put them in lighter categories.

As Apple released its first iMac, it tried to serve two types of customers: hardcore, energy users, and average users. Since then, Apple has expanded its scope by offering many different models to accommodate any type of user. They built both of them and their flagship products that do this very well. But I think these different models and names, a bit stuck.

For the sake of the fight, Apple could start a new, completely new system. This would create a bridge between product families and create a cheap purchasing system for those who buy a product from another line. As Apple did, it integrates the new color scheme of the aluminum body with a black base on all its products [including black key's on keyboards]. From desks, monitors, notebooks, to iPods. The only exception is iPod Nano, which will be in the entry-level iPod and in many colors [as it does now]. The color scheme would not only be the same, but the product lines are usually intertwined. I propose to create the four serial product systems through the three rows:

* Nano

-The iPod Nano is one of the most popular iPods everytime. The flexible amount of storage is a small price, a great entry product. This would mean terminating iPod Shuffle unless it is considered a stand-alone unit.

-The Macbook Nano would be Apple's first netbook. I mentioned an Apple netbook above so there is not much else to say. The same would be the aluminum cover as the current macbook, with only an 8-93 screen, not super-powered, with far fewer ports [maybe 2 USB, 1 mini-display, headphone / microphone].

– Mac Nano [or Mac Mini] would remain largely the same. Obviously, it would be great to hit some but not too much to interfere with iMac.

* & # 39; Classic & # 39;

– iPod Classic [or just iPod (6G)] would be similar to previous iPod versions. From 200 to 250 the price would be 40-60 GB [being a good mid-range iPod].

-Imac is a great desktop product that does not need to be changed. Do not fix what was not broken.

– The MacBook [or iBook] is like the iMac in the sense that it does not require too many configurations.

* Pro

-The iPod Pro is something that is a vengeance-up. Apple can use this huge storage for iPod [100GB +] and let the iPod classic 40-60GB or do something completely revolutionary like the iPod nano and introduce a cache to the tilt features.

-The Macbook Pro would stay the same. Same look as now [aluminum with black surrounding screen].

– Mac Pro would stay the same. They might get a new black accented house around him.

* Touch

-The iPod Touch would remain the same.

– Macbook Touch is Apple's entry into the tablet market. For running on advanced iPhone operating systems, this is a lot like Macbook Nano, but one piece with a full touch screen. There are similar external buttons such as the iPhone / iPod Touch, such as the volume control, the Hold button [to lock the screen, requiring a password upon entry]and the Home button to return to the desktop. The operating system would be a fusion of OSX and iPhone operating systems with similar icons / applications like the iPhone [would not have any sort of iLife or iWork]but with a launcher and toolbar like OSX.

– The iMac Touch is the first Apple touch-screen desktop. Similar in design, the screen is standard 243, and full touch screen. Optionally, you can get a wired / wireless keypad / huge mouse, but it is not included in the package. It could run the full OSX version [with touch controls, much like 2, 3, and 4 finger gestures on Macbooks now]. The current iMac does not require much modification except for the touch screen on the screen and an updated operating system.

* Other

– The iPhone would stay the same. It is possible to introduce a smaller iPhone [either size-wise like what Walmart is doing, or in physical dimensions and capacity].

– iPod Shuffle will remain as a stand-alone product for the extreme casual consumer or be suspended.

– Apple TV would stay the same.

– Apple displays now all LEDs [19 “, 23”, and 30 “] and all appear on the new 233 LED display.

Now I know this is a radical change that takes a long time [not in one event] but I think that will really bring the Apple community together. If you group your products into groups, it would make it easier for new users to "paste" into a group and see what's right for them. All the above products have their own customization and size settings as they are now. Much of the things I mentioned above are new technologies that I think Apple would ever do, so why not treat her?

For recording this is just a "wish list" & # 39; and does not base any facts at all. If guys are inspired by our readings, please leave a comment on what Apple thinks of Apple? Do you think a touch screen laptop, desktop, netbook will be made? Leave feedback on what you think. I hope you enjoyed reading and, if so, why do not you think about subscribing?

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