Amazing clothes that stop the body odor

We have a common resource for personal hygiene products to fight body odors, you can buy products that cover the smell, sweat swabs and even products that prevent your natural sweat production, but you can now buy clothing that comes in Prevent body odor and the main ingredient is bamboo!

Creating clothing that prevents odor has been the goal for many top manufacturers for several years now with the aim of producing textiles that prevent bacteria from cultivating fabrics that produce odors. Clothing with antibiotic treatment is available now, but this chemical treatment can cause skin sensitization and washing reduces their effectiveness. Bamboo fiber clothing, on the other hand, is naturally bactericidal and allergenic, so even people with sensitive skin or allergies can wear bamboo and benefit from its natural bactericidal properties.

CTITC (China Textile Industry Testing Center) study showed that after bacteria were introduced to bamboo samples, a 99.8% reduction in bacteria was observed in 24 hours. period. Another study by Japan Textile Control Company showed that bamboo fabric could eliminate over 70% of imported bacteria for 24 hours, even after 50 industrial washing systems.

How does it work?

Because the material is made of pulped bamboo, which contains "bamboo kunh" substances found in all bamboo species that kill bacteria in contact, bamboo clothing stores remarkably the same bactericidal quality. So not only will bamboo fabric kill bacteria on the skin, prevent odor but it will also withstand yeast, cultivated and fungal crops. A study of 50 patients who suffered from an athlete's foot showed that all 50 symptoms had disappeared for 2-5 days in bamboo cows.


The normal bacterial properties of bamboo tissue can be used not only for sports and fitness wear that helps you keep fit and fresh, but also in many other applications, including: sick suits, pain , feminine sanitary ware, towels, which benefit from the natural bactericidal nature of bamboo. [19659002] So if you want to be freshly cleaned naturally without the need for deodorants, wear clothes from bamboo!

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