Always have Boogers? The main reasons and reasons for that!

Boogers are the facts of life; They come into the world with you and usually appear from time to time. For some people who sometimes are more like an hour to an hour. To understand what you can do with boogers, you need to understand what causes them and what they are.

What is Booger?

Booger is a tempered mucus that covers the nose and neck. The mucosa is to protect you from dust, dirt and dirt that is breathed in. The mucus falls from the trash you breathe through the nose and surround it so that it does not get nosed. The mucous membrane goes around the trash and it becomes a booger.

It causes excessive bow

If you always have boogers, you are very likely to breathe something that you are allergic to. The mucus looks at what you are breathing as a possible health responsibility, more mucus is formed by the body to protect you from the messenger. When you always have boogers but the body is doing its job, if you are allergic.

Colds and Infections

You must also produce a large number of boogers when you have cold or some kind of infection in your acne. You must always have a bow if you do not get rid of sinus infection or are allergic to regularly.


Glues need fluid to work properly, if you do not warm yourself regularly but you'll always have boogers. The mucous membranes will dry up and make you feel terrible.

If you always have boogers and can not figure out the cause you may want to consider allergy.

Source by Jane Sawyers

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