Alcohol special applications – work?

If you're a frequent drinker, you're probably looking for an app to the app store, which tells you what kind of drinks are in the immediate vicinity where bars or restaurants are. Depending on where you are, maybe you can find something that works halfway through, but the quality of these applications is surprisingly bad. They are often outdated, low coverage or local institutions or simply do not work according to ads.

Why not?

I would go so far that applications of this type do not work and that's why. Almost everyone is there when some people go in, write down the specialists, insert them into the application, and publish them. Do you see the problem here? No man or group of people has the duty to keep going to any place where alcohol is sold daily in a given area. Impossible. This is the reason why current drink packages / happy hour applications are not currently working

A new model?

I would like to propose a new method or model to accomplish this – which does not rely on individuals, but on businesses themselves. If there is a central database where every restaurant / bar can enter its special offer, the aforementioned problems would not suffer. If you handle your own "special database" in this "central database", it would always be up to date and "official". This central database must be accessible to any user through a website or native app interface. Such a model can be very useful to anyone who drinks drinks in a particular city.

Adoption Problem

With ideas that are widespread in "work" or can be useful to accommodate people. In this case, businesses should think that such a database is a good idea and start typing their special information before clients use the app – that's the chicken before the egg problem.

It is very difficult to convince entrepreneurs of any new process or software that belongs to human nature. People resist change, and this makes it difficult for innovators to succeed in promoting new technologies.

Advertising is the only way to solve the acceptance problem – if we do some business, others are likely to follow.

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