Alcatel and iPhone – Unified communication and collaboration solution

Alcatel's business phone systems enable small and medium-sized businesses to communicate effectively with their work, especially with employees who are constantly moving and away from the office. The business telephone system now supports the optional integrated, unified communications and collaboration solution (UCC), which includes extending the voice and data capability of the desktop phone to an iPhone device. Likewise, this solution provides the same functionality and functionality for MAC and PC laptops.

As the Alcatel system is equipped with the UCC application, iPhones employees simply download the free iPhone app that will extend the capabilities of Alcatel's advanced business phone system to virtually anywhere.

This solution makes it easy for employees who are away from the office at all times to see if their workgroups are available on dialup, including whether they are able to see it by phone or e-mail. The office phone solution allows users to remotely access their voice mail, emails, faxes, contacts, communications history, or shared calendars, thereby enhancing employee productivity and productivity while providing better business continuity and customer service.

Additional mobility solutions can be provided to meet customer needs. Mobile Mobility solution with wireless desktop phone with blue tooth handset. Clear voice transmission with DECT base stations and DECT handhelds. Voice and Data solution with voice and wired local area network (VoWLAN), providing full-featured telephony services with Alcatel IP telephones.

Thanks to IP technology, the Alcatel OmniPCX Office (Rich Communication Edition) phone system delivers a personal communication manager, advanced call center solution, secure high-speed Internet access, advanced TDM and IP telephony and LAN connectivity to the mobility solutions mentioned above.

With the need for advanced mobile devices with powerful processors, widespread memory, larger screens and open operating systems, smartphones have been out of reach for the rest of the mobile phone market for several years. With the rapid development of smart phones and the delivery of IP phone business to VoIP solutions, the future of unified communications, collaboration and mobility solutions is virtually unlimited.

Alcatel is a recognized leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networks, IP technologies, applications and services. Alcatel leverages the unique scientific and technical expertise of Bell Labs, one of the largest innovation resources in the communications industry. voice, data and video communications services for end-users.

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