Advantages of using smartphone

Many have made the switches from ordinary phones, also known as stupid phones for smartphones. While the latter are often more expensive, they offer a lot of benefits because they bring together the functionality of mobile phones and computers in the holder. Apart from giving you the ability to make and receive text messages, you can also connect to the Internet on the go with your smartphone, take a look, go shopping, browse the news, read and reply to email and view social networking accounts at any time and anywhere which you want.

In addition, smartphones are actually a versatile personal digital assistant because they come with an email address, calendar, task scheduler, voice recorder, calculator and some other useful features. In addition, office projects can be done on smartphones thanks to the myriad of productivity programs that you can install on them. Unlike laptops, smartphones allow you to perform tasks on the go, even without eating. They will also pick up less space in your luggage, so you will not mind taking them through your outings. They also come with at least one camera, music and video player and GPS feature.

Smartphones have been around since the 90s but have become common after Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007. There are numerous operating systems used in smart phones, but the most popular are iOS that are only used on Apple gadgets and Android, which is open Google operating system that is used on many handsets. Android is the predominant mobile operating system at all and this is probably because Android mobile phones are cheaper and there are many types that use the aforementioned platform.

In the past, iOS had the largest number of available applications, but now the numbers seem to change. In June of this year, there are approximately 900,000 apps in the iTunes Store and about 980,000 in the Google Play Store. Each has a higher quality of applications is definitely a subjective argument, but Apple tends to secure more big-app names ahead of other forums. One of the criticisms of IOS is that it is not as flexible in terms of programs allowed in their field. Particularly, iOS has a policy where third-party browsing applications, such as Opera, Firefox and Chrome, need to use the Apple machine, which many consider poor.

Specialization is also included in the sales levels of Android devices. IPhone can only be customized when it is imprisoned. One useful, but very useful feature on Android, is the sharing form that allows you to bypass data such as text, images, and links between several applications.

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