Advantage and disadvantage of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5, the latest Apple product, is the "thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone". Although Apple has quite a lot of fascinating features on the phone's website, of course there are some drawbacks. Anyone interested in purchasing the iPhone 5 would really like to know if the features are worth the price or not.

There is a very fascinating way to solve this problem. You can get all the wonderful features you want without having to pay a high price. The solution is to use the used Apple iPhone 5. Since the iPhone 5 was not really on the market, the iPhone used is probably as good as the new one.

The benefits and disadvantages of iPhone 5 help you decide which option is to buy a new iPhone 5 or a used Apple iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 screen is 4 inches, the largest size compared to all previous models on the iPhone line. This may be smaller than other competitors, but the resolution and display quality can not be compared to other screens.

Now, 4G networks are characterized by the fastest data rate. The LTE is the 4G communication standard. The iPhone supports 4G LTE communication, which is really fast.

Battery Life
Key iPhone devices have a low battery life. The battery life of the iPhone 5 is much better than all previous models, and may take hours, even if Wi-Fi is turned on.

The iPhone 5 comes with an A6 chip that really improves the phone's speed. If you are addicted to games, you will like this new addendum.


iOS 6
iPhone 5 uses iOS 6 that features new features such as enhanced Siri, 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation. However, you can easily upgrade your iPhone 4S to the same operating system and for free. Even if you do not have an iPhone 4S, the most important features of the new operating system can still be found on other iPhone and iPad models. If you are well, you can skip a purchase of a new model or purchase a used Apple iPhone 5.

Although 4G has been mentioned in the pros, there is a disadvantage. If you do not travel often, high speed is not necessary. This feature has to pay an extra price, so there is no reason to buy a used Apple iPhone 5 or newer when not using the fullest. Secondly, 4G is available in restricted regions so you can use it.

The iPhone 5 is the latest Apple product, but design is not. It is very close to appearing on the iPhone 4 / 4S, which sets new design standards at the time of launch.

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