Accu Weather for iPad Mobile App Review

Nearly all users need weather information to use Accu Weather for the iPad, and if they know a trick or two, they will find minimal frustration. The key to Accu's use of the weather is to understand the obvious goals of application design:

  1. Generally, you see traffic being directed to Accu Weather and
  2. developers expect the user to be quite stationary .

The initial screen has predictions starting from the current day and scrolling down to show two more weeks in horizontal stripes. All forecasts graphically represent the sun's weather, text equivalent, high and low temperatures, "real" temperature, life and humidity. A small triangle shows the chance of precipitation in the upper left corner of the strip. Touch a forecast strip to go to the site for more detailed information or – and it's important to learn – .

Now how to find good things. Find the respectable "overlapping pages" icon in the lower right corner of the front screen. Sends you to a slide menu where you can find all the best information in the app. The slide menu navigates to the original daily forecast page or pages with hourly forecasts, weather videos, maps, "lifestyle" prediction or settings.

Hourly forecasting is intuitive and a pleasant way to control different weather conditions. Drag your finger around a small analog clock and Accu Weather displays the most probable conditions in graphics and text.

The Accu Weather Lifestyle Forecast indicates that the sun is good for activities such as cooking, cycling, fishing or coastal travel, or threats such as allergic attacks and hair. This is a clever deviation from the usual weather indicators.

Maps and videos are standard, but well-known with only tolerant lags.

The setup menu is the hidden key to add locations.

Accu Weather Application for iPad is designed to design this barbecue, knowing what to wear in the morning or even holiday activities, based on current and future weather conditions. It is somewhat less perfect, though far from useless, for a "whirlwind tour" where your current location may vary daily.

Fortunately, Accu Weather is available in a free version. Download, ignore ads, and try. This application is too good for its interface and if you find out you will love it.

Source by Barbara Mae

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