A World of Apps: The 10 Most Convenient Apps

This article will focus on different categories of applications that are available from various app stores. Between Google Play and Apple App Store, there are over a million programs available for download. From educational to educational programs it's hard to decide which program you need and that will just stop recording memory on your device.

This week we will review the ten most comfortable applications that you might have on your mobile device whether it's your smartphone, your iPod touch or tablet. These programs are listed in no special order and represent a small cross section of the most convenient programs available.

1. To make a list

Every person who has a role to do is required to do artwork on his mobile phone. Every morning you wake up with at least 10 things to do. You must either remember to pay a bill or go to the grocery store. This app helps you organize your day while on the move. Having artwork on your mobile phone allows you to mark all of the tasks you have completed during the day while you play a part in saving some trees.

2. Check pad

You are on the road and you just have to take down information but you do not have a notepad or pen nearby. This app will change your mobile device for a moment. Use the keypad to enter whatever you need to remember.

3. Voice Recorder

Whether you're having an amazing concert or making an oral comment to yourself, the recorder app is very convenient to have on your mobile phone. It allows you to record audio instantly into your device because sometimes the image is not enough.

4. Wikipedia

Every mobile device should have a Wikipedia app for those moments when you really need some information, but you'd rather not sift through the mountain of google suggestions. Having a browser application on your phone is like walking with the encyclopedia in your backpack.

5. Navigation

Being a mobile phone means inevitably being on the move. One of the most important applications during the trip is a map folder that allows you to determine your location and give you clear instructions on the best way to get to your next destination.

6. Flashlight

It's inevitable. One day your keys fall behind your seat in the car and the ceiling light is no help. Luckily, attend a flashlight application that turns the flash from your camera into instant flashlight. This app also works well in blackouts, overwhelming parties or if you're just too lazy to get up and turn on the lights. Just be careful, flashlight programs tend to drain your battery.

7. Email

If you have a mobile phone, you probably have an email address. Most mobile phones allow you to connect your email directly through the app. Thus, you do not have to wait until you get home and turn on your desktop or laptop to read your latest email. It's nothing more comfortable than that.

8. Messenger

We should all be aware of nowadays of programs that can be contacted by our friends and loved ones through our mobile phones. Each mobile phone should have at least one messenger on it. Publishers like Google Talk and Skype make communication on the go cheaper and more convenient.

9. Remote

This particular app changes your mobile phone at an external distance that can control other wireless-connected devices. You should not use it every single day but one day you will be in your bathroom and need to turn off the music on your laptop. Then you will be glad that you downloaded this application.

10. Cameras

Every mobile phone should come with a camera. Camera has become a standard part of the mobile phone experience. To be able to take special moments on the phone, you can share them with social media or you can just keep them.

Whether you urge to use and download applications is one thing for sure. Mobile Apps make life much easier.

Source by Bill Holton

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