A short story of the smartphone

Modern technology is moving fast and furious, especially when it comes to the smartphone's ability. Just what is a "smartphone"? Indeed, there are no agree or exact definitions for the term. Most people would agree that smartphones do more – much more – than Alexander Graham Bell first saw when he found the original phone again in 1870.


The smartphone is different from ordinary mobile phones because they can have advanced functionality because They contain software that can be run directly from the phone itself. This software is usually an open source, an option that makes applications as easy as loading them to your phone with wireless downloads. Today, these devices are not considered very "smart" unless they can accommodate a diary / diary, advanced connectivity, photography, music, and even video technology.


IBM was the first to trade in offering consumers advanced mobile phones. In 1993, the company introduced what could have spoken about the world's smartphone – simply called Simon. This first smartphone, which is considered to be the least-lesser today, features incredible variety of features – email, email address, clock, calendar, notes, and even the ability to send and receive faxes.

In the mid nineties, Nokia began to heat things by introducing the first line of smartphone – the Nokia 9000 series. This phone was not only the first in the series of popular smartphones manufactured by Nokia, they were also the most expensive, arriving at 20-40% more expensive than its rivals. The Nokia 9210 was definitely the first real and true smartphone because of its open operating system.

Smartphones Smartphones

The 21st century has a warm smartphone that is incredibly powerful and easy to use. Touch screen functionality has become a norm, and manufacturers like Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion are thrilled in smartphone consumers and trading dollars.

Apple changed the smartphone company by introducing Apple iPhone in 2007. Nokia has since protested that his Nokia XPress Music Phone [http://nokia5800phone.com/nokia-5800-vs-iphone/] was introduced in 2008. The Nokia 5800 is a dream lover that contains just about all features that a user would like. The handset even comes with millions of downloaded songs free of charge. Google recently took part in introducing that Android phone over the same period.

The future

Could your smartphone be smaller than it already is? Certainly can! In such a distant period, almost everyone on the planet will carry some kind of smartphone device that makes the diaries today pale in comparison. Increased bandwidth and speed will allow phones to view real-time video without any problems. In the future, these mobile phones will be indispensable in everyday life, used for a variety of features, including consumer purchases, banking, real-time video devices, advanced GPS tracking, entertainment and much more.

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