A sample web bidding

It is often difficult for you to develop a proposal for a website for your customers, and many people still do not know the importance of a web bidding. Here, we will help you a certain extent. Here's a sample web proposal for your help.

Web proposal

Content of the web proposal

1. Methodology
2. Characteristics and Goals
3. Time Turnover
4. Cost Estimate
5. Quality

Methodology – After a small, independent, agile methodology. To improve the website, we generally use JavaScript, PHP, and an open source content management system such as Joomla, Mambo or Plone.

This saves you time to develop your site. It also saves customization and implementation of costs.

Features and Goals – Web sites we have developed include many features such as cross browser and platform compatibility, fast loading, scalable fonts, easy-to-read pages, meta tags, address labels, and alt labels. We emphasize the creation, editing, updating, archiving, and deleting of a page's content.

Our goal is to deliver quality to the customer. Use Joomla to sign up for various components, such as registering, searching, and more. They can effectively interact with your site.

Production Turn in time – The web page weather reversal varies with the content of the site content, but usually creates a small site within 15 days. For some sites, this may be something high or less.

Cost estimates – Site development work is performed using the features you want and everyday things. These custom pages were developed in the range of $ 350-450 per job.

Quality – Our Quality Jobs include newsletters about local news, Send this page to a Friend, Site Map, Moderated Community Forum, Events, Public Internet Delivery via the Internet and more. Our quality enables websites to be social and business oriented in our ecommerce websites.

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