A Review of the Mac Desktop App Store

First, using the Mac App Store, you need to upgrade to OS X 10.6.6 with software update. Once installed, you have access to the App Store by using the Blue App Store icon in Dock or using the menu bar. The new icon looks like the new iTunes icon. Start the program and you'll be talented to see what would remind you of the iTunes store. At the top, you have a simple bar with forward left back control, a symbol of the five main categories of the store in the center and the search box on the right.

The new Mac App Store Apple will also run average market price for Mac applications down, because prices will seriously contribute to overall downloads and, depending on the organization, whether the applications make the card and get more options prominent. We've already seen that the race in the bottom takes place with iOS applications, where the average price of apps is around $ 4 (less if you have games).

Could not be easier to download applications. You just click the download button and the App Store will ask you for an Apple ID, which is the same as you use in iTunes. If you do not have one, you can create one within the app itself. This ID is required, even if you want to download free applications. When everything is done and you press download, you'll see the application icon just jump out of the App Store window and go to your dock. There you'll see a download bar and when it ends download it will jump once to let you know. One thing we noticed is that applications downloaded from the store go straight to the dock, whether you want them there or you have to remove them later manually.

As a whole, the Mac App Store will make the process of finding and downloading any applications you want or need much easier for the user. Now, how much developers are responding to the store and whether they would choose to put the apps there knowing that they have to pay 30% of Apple's cost of the app they can avoid if they continue how they now do their own website . And unlike iPhone, Mac is not limited to downloading applications only through the App Store. But if Apple Tracker is something to go, we think the Mac store will be successful.

Source by George Kelly

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