A Review of Smart Talk Cell Phone Plan from WalMart

The Straight Talk plan is a mobile phone company sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. It is a service provider that offers plans with unlimited working hours, text messages and data for $ 45 / month. The benefit of a plan like this is no deal whatsoever. You pay as you go without the hassle of being a dove-holed in a 2 year service agreement.

There are no surprising charges in your account, hence the name is "Straight Talk."

More and more people are signing up every day by paying as you enter into agreements for the freedom it gives to their users. What's better is the fact that you can buy a good phone at a good price without the "discount with 2 years contract" crap. You buy your phone and use it whenever you want. That's it. Phones are priced from $ 29.99 (LG200) up to $ 174.99 (Samsung R355C).

You can even get the Motorola Razor phone (MOTORAZR V3A) for under $ 100! They are low priced at larger airlines only as long as you agree to their long contracts. (boo)

When ordered on the website, all phones will be shipped through UPS 3 Day Ground for free until 30 September. Another reason to go ahead and reduce the ignition of one of these contractless phones and programs!

Further information can be found on this page link below, but are fully featured on the Straight Talk service. This page allows you to determine the weather Straight Talk is right for you!

Source by Christopher Halloran

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