A Happily Ever After Posting for Chatbots and Message Apps?

After posting their debut on message apps, chatbots have been in the epicenter of an ongoing conversation about personality. Why did this co-operate? And how far will this go? It's time to take a deep dive.

In the 1960's, famous media critic, Marshall McLuhan, said "Medium is the message". He was sure that it had a role in formulating and managing "the scale and form of human associations and actions" to some extent. According to this theory, the medium bases itself on everything it sends and directly influences how actual messages are viewed. It tries to complement our senses and increase our ability to perceive and interact with the world.

Today, about half a century later, the medium becomes an acceptable form of human communication – Applications. As of last year, 1 billion users (14% of the world's population) were in WhatsApp. And with Messenger users, there are 60 billion messages – text, videos, recordings that are sent and received every day.

In a recent survey made by Facebook, participants who could chat with retailers in these messaging areas, whether in business, queries or after-sales services, felt more positive about the company. Trade became a personal matter. McLuhan was right and still correct – The effect of messages lies on the medium.

It has been almost 20 years, and why have companies not been successful to further utilize this scene? Due to the fact that until a chat took place in 2016, companies marketing through a messenger program were unaware of one philosophy / hallmark – "If not human, be human."

Ever since they entered the market, Have been hit. They have a positive impact on companies, as more industries jump on board the "personalization" band. Now, what's next step? What is the future for these municipalities? Here are 3 options –

  • With chat messages, chat apps will be the new browsers. They are going to do for business what websites were doing for them about a decade ago. Forrester Research expects investments in AI and Machine Learning to triple in 2017, in order to make better use of user behavior, to increase the communication link caused by bots.
  • Message devices become more appropriate for IoT installations. For example, More customers will start receiving coupons, sales announcements, etc. With messages when they just happen to pass the shop. Or otherwise, employees in the factory can be better connected to their machines and make better use of the information.
  • The & # 39; App Culture & # 39; Is sinking, since users are becoming more dense about memory devices and data usage. But messenger / forum is still called "necessary" because messages are now a way of life. Because chatbot environments can send directly to the machine directly on these applications, it is necessary to close the need for private applications. And the scope of services that companies offer these applications can continue to expand.

With advances in AI and Machine Learning towards its capabilities, chatbots will go far to understand nitty-gritty human behavior through messaging apps. But if McLuhan's theory continues to be a decade from now, chat interference could even become an important part of human perception as a whole.

Source by Ankeet Sarngin Kanungo

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