A Dream Come True – The first Google Android Smartphone comes soon

While AT & T has a significant lock on iPhone and BlackBerry, T-Mobile views the wireless carrier that is ready to introduce the prolonged Google Android operating system to the global smartphone community. This according to the New York Times.

As RIM, Palm, Microsoft (with Windows Mobile) and Symbian designed it with Apple, Apple and Mac OS X leaders, Google Android OS looks like the singular rival who is most likely to unseat the current smartphone king.

The first Google Android smartphone will be manufactured by the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, High Tech Computer Corp, better known to average users like HTC, the manufacturer of the original "iPhone Killer", HTC Touch, and it & # 39; s follow-up, HTC Touch Pro. Her name becomes HTC Dream.

Google Android Mobile OS, announced last November (2007), is the search engine for smartphone performance. Probably the company that knows to know the internet is best equipped to maximize the mobile web. But one interesting question that is still long lasting for both consumers and professionals and # 39; mind is how the smartphone OS will perform as a real phone.

Read all smartphone users forget about (and we would not teach you a little if you did with all the disturbing bells and whistle smartphones come these days), they are primarily cell phones. And the best operator in terms of consistency, reliability and clarity is Nokia. So until we see Nokia smartphone in Google Android OS, we could never know how well it really can.

Google said it will make its Android OS accessible to any smartphone company that wants to use it. And, like iPhone, it aims to appeal to consumers, customers and customer customers by providing unlimited software downloads for free, enabling users to be perfect in equipment and customization.

And since "mom" is the only thing insiders have about the subject, so far we know that HTC Dream will boast both slideout touchscreen and full 5-row QWERTY keyboard. It promises to be the next snapshot of smartphones. Other companies who announced their release from Google Android smartphones are Sprint (third place in the world, next to 4 seats T-Mobile) and Qualcomm.

This partnership Google, T-Mobile and HTC obviously looks like a team to fight. With the Touch Pro model, HTC has already given Apple and its 3G iPhone run for their money. And T-Mobile continues to be competitive with virtually unbeatable prices.

While T-Mobile and Google are both silent about this topic, rumors that the new device will be available for US customers to purchase in October and probably no later than in Christmas.

Source by Corey T Bruhn

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