A Do It Yourself A wedding in New York City for $ 10,000 or less, is it possible?

A wedding in New York City sounds like oxymoron, but it can be done. There are various ways to comply with the above statement and all for less than $ 10,000. Well, under $ 10,000. You can still have a nice wedding, even over the wedding for under $ 10,000 and in New York. Let me show you how to do it, including your honeymoon. Now I know you're thinking it's impossible. My husband and I did it and you can.

It depends mostly on what you want your imagination to say and whether one item is the most important or whether you'd rather have Feature several things. For me, I wanted the colors of our wedding to be featured, my dress and water features for my husband at reception. At other times, I will tell you about my views to and from the various places to ensure, just what I wanted for my wedding. Now I'm gonna worry about what I grow up from my views.

What if you only wanted one that is the lead? Of course, it does not have to be just one thing, it can be anything but just you do not go crazy, I recommend choosing one to two things rather than a whole slew, but if you want more than that, do not do more than five. Most brothers begin to believe that they can do everything and realize the eight to six months of the wedding they can not. Help friend comes in quite handily, after all your almost friends will have asked you for all they can do to help. About ten to eight months from the wedding is the best time to take their offer. I did. More about me later, though. I have a friend who made a wedding with a freakproof reception at a very famous church here in Manhattan and even though it was amazingly expensive, my idea that it was not even the hallmarks of the wedding. I'm getting ahead of me though.

Her wedding had three women's parliamentary project managers – to help her stay within her budget, which was WAY under $ 10,000. I believe she and her new husband paid no more than $ 6000 for her entire wedding, including the desk in the same same famous church. They did not pay for catering that can be very expensive when it comes to weddings. In fact, the couple did not get married for dinner at the reception, as well as the cost of the room, if they had paid for dinner, it would have gone close to $ 6000 for their 150 guests. By getting potluck she paid nothing but the cost of the hall. The Riverside Church Chapel for me costs $ 800. (In the previous article I said $ 1200, but actually it was $ 800 for mine.) In 2005, but for my other friend last year she paid $ 1500. I received the expense of the members, but Last year there was no difference between members and other parties, so even though she was a member she had to pay big money.

The cost of my friend's wedding is a coordination because I did not do much, .. yet. She has left the country now, so I can not wait for her at all, but I'm judging her comments on me at that time. Forget about her costume and her husband with a dress that I can tell you that he has his own tux in his closet and her wedding dress was bought by a wedding shop that is not a wedding.

        • Since my friend is a singer too, she had friends who sang at the wedding, which were of course free or gifts. Basically, this is a win-win situation all over the place. Since you click on your friends, tap the voices you want to sing your songs of choice. That was what I did and both her and her ex-husband sang to my wedding and my husband.
        • Here's a big tip if you do not want to spend a lot of money in your dress, if you want to be one of the features available, go to a shop that is not at a wedding in search of the gown Yours. Personally I went to Filene's wedding in the basement, a year before my wedding and bought a suit for $ 536 with taxes, so it's possible to pay for a dress under $ 3000. But my friend did not go to the wedding venue. She went to Paramus Mall to Lord & Taylor. I do not remember exactly how much she paid, but I know it was almost half as much as my dress.
        • She also did not go with a traditional veil, but went with tiara alone. For my sake, I had both, but did not pay a premium for either. I made my own veil for less than $ 10 and found Tiara who did not look at Claire's Accessories for less than $ 20. She also held tiara. Gold tiara, which costs no more than $ 100.
        • At her reception, she did not have music, we had enough while at the wedding. In another article, I've already told you about using your own Mp3 player and saving big money for the benefit. If you want to hire a DJ or host host, I suggest you go with a friend of a friend who is starting to spin, but it can be a friend in charge of his talent if you have not experienced them for yourself. Remember, whatever you do, get a deal. One who explains exactly what you want and expect them to do at the party. That means the songs you expect and when. That way, by surprise, nothing will do with dancing. That way, both you and your guests can be happy without much resentment in anyone. The new DJ can start as low as $ 75 per hour and go up from there. If you want to be a DJ, it could be up to $ 125- $ 350 per hour. This is again if you want to be within the budget of $ 10000. Just remember that you need your DJ for at least four hours, so multiply yourself there.
        • Transportation: Ah, you can go on a traditional route with white limes, or you can go with a black limo. Did you know that the color of the limo can determine the price. White limos are more expensive and if you mention a wedding, more money is added for that special day. Just be glad you're not going to finish, because it's the big day in Limousine to make money. Limousines can range from $ 500 for two and a half hour rent to, of course thousands. To save money, if you are a friend of a special car company, you can rent or lend your owners' cars. Or now with the internet companies, Zip Car, Drive Mint or even Connect By Hertz, you could rent a car of your dreams at great discounts. Each of these points com an hour car rental can save you a bundle. Think about it.
        • Did you already know that the shape of my friend's wedding would be a dress? Well, if you did you would have been right. The bride carried what seemed to be gold. In fact, the cloth was copper-lined with light pink lining that pierced through, making the dress at the entrance, and even when she continued walking down the hallway it seemed to be melting liquid gold. She was a drummer in. Of course, the bride is usually the center of most weddings, but as they say in the theater, people were humming the dress in the evening, especially as she could fit the dress with the Cape. It was already in her closet.
        • ]

          Tux Rental $ 56

          Cake $ 825

          Limo / Catering $ 375 / $ 625 = $ 1000

          Professional $ 400 for 5 hours – granddaughter's friend of the groom

          Video $ 0 Gift of the best man

          Actor / Minister 800 $ Christ Chapel Riverside Church

          Flower $ 375 from Flower Wholesaler

          Reception and 2 Cases of Champagne $ 1251

          DJ $ 250 – 4.5 hours

          Printer $ 68 printing wedding invitation and thanks comments

          Papers Invitations, Envelopes, (Inner / External) Thank you for comments / envelopes $ 82

          Save- The-date may be $ 16

          Various favors, candles, fabrics, silk roses, Single use cameras, decorative Chinese boxes and tissue paper 350 $

          Honeymoon and accessories $ 1391

          Our total spend 2005 Wedding / Honeymoon $ 7400

          1. Car rental about The weekend: Get in touch with http://www.ConnectbyHertz.com $ 160.33 / day off whether it's for 6 hours or 24 hours. Go with 24 since you can use it for the last few minutes that come up for the wedding. It's a smart fortwo talk about making an entry. Keep in mind with Hertz that you can pick up the car in one place and drop it elsewhere, as long as they have a lot. It could save you time. For example: Get up to Hertz on the upper west side and drop it at one of the hotel's locations, especially if you do not go to your honeymoon right away.
          2. Car Rental for the 3 day weekend from Speedy-Rent-A-Car $ 205.00
          3. Rental from Zipcar.com or DriveMint.com is an hour from $ 11.00 – $ 17.00 for the weekend after the car. A Scion Xb or Smart Fortwo in a small hour or Mercedes at peak hours on DriveMint.com
          4. Or invite family members and friends a few dollars, depending on your budget, to the chauffeur you and your wedding party around a few hours.
          5. What if you want your wedding, it's still possible to do it economically in a big city, whether in New York City or Chicago or even Boston, you just need a little ingenuity to stay within your budget. If you're a curious, precise person, just as I am, you'll decide that this is a fun, chase or trip to the end that you really want. It's really a magic part of the whole wedding, I think, because you're on stage where you're shaping the outcome of the day. It will take patience and possibly legwork, to see just what you might be getting for the event, but the fishing (for the kids) is on and it can be fun fun. Here are some tips:
          6. Determine the type of wedding and organize your food accordingly. Such as casual, spiffy-casual, or formal, (usually settle down). Although casual and spiffy-casual can come very close to look the same, they are very different when it comes to food. I've seen casual catered events starting as low as $ 12.95 per person or just under $ 1200 for 85 people. This is a strict buffet style, no seat, but stand up a cocktail table in various places with food arrangements along with a few passes.
          7. The wedding of the friend, although it has a very high church of various cultures, thinks it has a free reception, where all the visitors had come with something. With the "Brothers Breast Ladies" committee, the guests were asked what they were coming with the consent of the invitation. By doing so, my friend made all kinds of money and even had a return. Wedding party paid nothing, zero, zip, for that celebration. Their reception ranged from appetizers to desserts including cream balls, (YUM!). Some of us were getting high, just smacking the balls, in addition, there was even a fruit bowl.
          8. Another casual reception could be around parties with a big sandwich or a variety of pizzas or have your new mother-in-law do something for the people. You can probably make a deal with your favorite pizza shop when you send 10 pizzas. Picture on 3 slices per guest and you have got it done. For example, pizza usually has 12 slices and for 80 guests, you need 20 pies to feed each person 3 slices each. My local supermarket sells a big pie for 16 dollars, but if I ordered 20 pies for 85 guests, my budget would be around $ 350. Even as much as $ 350, you must give your guests something to wash down the pizzas.
          9. For more organic less oil, use a wholesome bottle; American or Italian version with different toppings, which starts with you rather than bread and cheese.
          10. Maybe, as I did, you can get a composite price with other wedding features. My pension fund managed a restaurant and then I got a combined price. Plus, my new mother-in-law, did something special in great amounts for her son. We had 85 guests and a total of 4 hours of use of limousine and caterer was $ 625. My food on my new mother was free. Ours was a casually formal type. There was a buffet style with seating.
          11. Formal caterer or sitting with a service is where you have to weigh your chances of how much is over. These types often run as low as $ 27 per person and up to thousands. If you try to make a wedding for less than $ 10,000, as I trust, you're probably worthless from this market unless you can make a deal with one of your favorite restaurants. Perhaps Carmine, where the food is served by a family style, everyone is sitting. This could be an option. My friends took me there for graduation and we ordered one full meal and had left two more.
          12. If you use Carmine's work for you, I bet that it can work for your budget too. Think about it, the main course for a meal is 21-25 US dollars, which immediately facilitates 5-6 people. If you have 12 tablets out of 8, you might still be expensive, but your visitors will be full and may have a potential bag to take home. Your rough pricing could still be below $ 1000, even by adding salad, garlic bread and dessert. YUM! A clean party to see.
          13. Decorations are other things that can lead to a lot of pennies. In this case I'm talking about the flowers for the bride and the wedding and extras for the reception to make that wedding theme oriented. The accessories could include tulle and floating or almost infinite ideas such as motifs or table decorations of any kind. Here are some of my favorites with the pricing of the day:
          14. Check some of the websites that sell artificial flowers and you're good at going. Flower arrangements start as low as $ 29.95 and go $ 79.95 for our purpose. Flowers can of course go into hundreds from these websites and up if you use a flower shop.
          15. In order to reduce costs further, the bride and groom / heathen could be the only person to carry flowers, and everything else could be decorated in a field of activity with tulle or headlights.
          16. At the venue, a theme could go further with floating candles on tables as the centerpieces instead flourish. If, as we did, you have water properties, add some liquid candles, bigger than the tables, to call it today. A candle in the reception area could run you a whole $ 100 to start unless you want or have half a acre to decorate.
          17. Add some special sweets or other sweet items to the table; M & M or Jordan Almonds or Junior mints. We went with special ready M & M. I bought 3 bags and that was all I needed, at $ 11 a bag, it was stealing. And you get to choose your colors so they can match your wedding dresses. Pretty cool, I think and cheap too.
          18. Do not forget about one-time cameras, so your visitors can also take pictures of fun pictures. Check out various websites and you could get 9 cameras up to $ 35, as I did.

          So you can do it with a little ingenuity, verve and flair. Dreamers can.

          Source by CharLena M. Pearson

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