A BlackBerry RIM SmartPhone viewpoint

Most people aged 25 and over did not have a cellphone until they were in their late teens. Today, the children like 8 and 9 years old are walking around talking on their mobile phones. Exuse me? What changed?

When I was 17 years old, I got my first mobile phone, a gray brick from Alltell with an antenna larger than the phone itself. It only worked in some cases and could do two things: call / receive calls and it was a game similar to Pong. It was not until about 4 phone plans later and at least 8 different phones that I realized how much BlackBerry can change your life. The term "Smartphone" is nothing for nothing. Today, this concept of portable computer has finally been raised with other worlds. Why not use a phone that you can call a mom on, check your bank account and write what you're doing on Facebook at the same time. Blackberry has come a long way since its first device, a two-way network operator, the BlackBerry 850. This was introduced in 1999. Old types like these do not even seem to be in the same RIM (Research in Motion) family like Torch and Storm today. It was not until 2002 that the first smartphone, as we know it today, was released. Blackberry Phone Prices have been diverse since then. Today they range from $ 80 for the old Pearl models to $ 500 for the new Torch.

My first BlackBerry was the Blackberry Pearl 8100. It was a great phone and is still today. It's definitely one of these starters, if you've never had your smartphone before, really some of the pearls. The Pearl Blackberry is a bit simpler and helps you get used to the "operating system" that RIM phones use. Once you have used one, you know how to use them all. From there I went to bed. I have had several generations of these phones. They initially had some software problems, but RIM has made it quite well now. Curve 2 has changed the game in personal Smartphone usage. With smooth design and easier use of icons, Curve 2 has made the browser user friendly and sufficient. If you are one who would rather update, I recommend the storm or torch. The first generation of the storm had a big problem when it first came out. This involves a touch screen that has a problem, and the phone itself was only very slow and did not respond quickly. A lot of these problems have been laid with the second generation of this phone.

The Torch, well, it's still new. Personally, I think the Torch 9800 is the best blackberry. Why? Because you're having the best of both worlds, you can use the touchscreen and the previous BlackBerry owners still have a solid full keyboard, many of which are still after. By this I allow you with a few things to share about when you choose your BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Phone Price is the main thing after making a model decision. I would recommend doing your research and see who can give you the best deal at the end. Remember, you do not always have to sign a new contract to get the best deal. Unlocked phones are available all the time. It just depends on who you buy it from.

Source by Coreen Carroll

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