8 Shocking Though You Need Eye Protection in Tanning Glasses

Does your eyes stop " go to " method of eye protection in a tanning glass? You are shocking. Closing your eyes while tanning indoors is not enough to protect against potential visual damage caused by UV light. Although you fear the " raccoon eye " look it's necessary Wear some kind of eye protection for health and the activity of one of your painful senses: vision. Continue reading to learn 8 top harmful reasons why you should always wear eye protection in the tanning glass.

Protect yourself The eyes while tanning

Almost all the tanning salons sell Small bracelets that are tiny and thin, they will not leave tones a Some of the salons can provide them free on request, but if not, they are very cheap to buy. If you're a regular garden, goggles could be "white finished", but in that case you can choose the eyelids instead. Many tanning rooms sell them as little as $ 1 for a set, and they collapse into cones and rest perfectly on the eyelid. This reduces the appearance of tan lines and further protects your eyes from UV damage.

Here are 8 reasons describing the importance of protecting your eyes while tanning:

    1. Your eyes can get sunburn like your skin can! Burned eyes will cause rapid eye damage for days, at a time, such as pruritus, redness and excessive fluid.
    2. It takes only one tan with eye color to harm your eyes. If you think you do not break enough enough to get a eyebrow, you're wrong!
    3. Your eyelids exclude only 25% of the exposure to UV light in tanning glass. And this is not enough to protect them.
    4. There are two common types of sunburn in the eye: 1) Photokeratitis and 2) Cancer in basal cells . The first is a temporary but painful cornea that causes tears and blurred vision for days to one. Another damages the delicate eye tissue, which causes swelling and redness in and around the eyes.
    5. Unused disposable eye care should be cleaned and cleaned after each use, or you are at risk of contagious and / or spreading contagious eye infections. For this reason, it is not recommended to share your eye color.
    6. Repeated exposure to UV light without eye protection may cause prolonged and even irreversible eye damage. Examples are reduced color reception, less night view and drawer.
    7. Repeated exposure also makes you more likely to develop drer. This can cause a lot of pain and even blindness. The only treatment for sleepers is invasive surgery, and there is always a risk of it too.
    8. One of the most important ways to protect yourself when using tanning goggles is to wear an eyelid. Talk to your tanning room about eye care options and expect safe tanning.

    Source by Sarahbeth Kluzinski

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