8 Different Site Types

Defining websites are more complicated now than ever, thanks to the diversity and development of resources and technology. Below is a breakdown of different types of sites that you can borrow on a global scale.


Websites are online stores that make it convenient Shopping from the comfort of your own home. Online Business Pages enable business users to run and maintain their store from home or office environment without the need for expensive shopping areas. This type of website also includes a shopping cart to allow you to purchase directly from the site.


Blog (short of a web directory) came to general assumptions in the early mid-2000s. This type of website operates in reverse chronology and may either support a different website or be a sole proprietor. Blogging is very popular as it allows direct and personal communication with your readers who can send comments directly to the website.

Personal Pages

Personalized Websites Are Created By Individuals For friends and family sharing information and images with each other. This type of website has limited usage for businesses (even micro enterprises) as they are generally not search engine friendly in their profile.


These websites have One Purpose – which allows upload and share pictures online.

Mobile Websites

Trying to view full-size web pages on mobile phones. General solutions for use have many utilities, especially for those in the artistic and photographic industry. May be difficult, however, there are now websites that are created specifically for this purpose. As more and more people use the phone to browse the web and view websites, the number of these sites will only increase in the future.

Information Centers

] These are identified as pages that seek to provide information about certain content or content to the reader. Online dictionaries, local governments and real estate companies are examples of information pages.

Booklet / Product Place Pages

Web site based on the website is more than just an information medium as it goes further in depth to provide Information about products that are available to purchase. This differs from the traditional e-commerce page, since you can not buy the online station to purchase immediately. Websites like IKEA provide a perfect example for viewing online products and checking availability, although you are buying the next outlet.

Social Media and Networking

These websites are a combination of online sites like Facebook and MySpace, although they can also be combined online (whether for business or Personal use). They are designed exclusively for social and discussion of content. Social websites make one-to-one relationships between individuals.

Therefore, think about any website that suits you so that you can easily define your additional requirements before starting to redesign your existing business or new business. .

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