8 An outstanding thing to do with using the iPhone

iPhone is a wonderful tool that can be modified to do things that are not actually made. After the release of unofficial hacks and tricks, dozens of times a week come out, so the iPhone is a complete smart phone for users. Here's a compilation for some iPhones.

first Build a Solar Charger for iPhone
iPhone hacks do not even care about charging iPhone. Some devices allow you to create a solar charger for your iPhone. In one case, you can save energy and power up if you do not have access to the power. There's a lot to do on the iPhone.

2nd Wireless Music Remote Control
Music is now one of the most important part of entertainment. What better way to change your iPhone as a wireless music player? Only one router, iPhone, and a step-by-step guide let you run your iPhone as a wireless music player.

3rd Using iPhone as a Wireless Router for Your Computer
Wireless Internet Connection Available on iPhone. The iPhone is a magic box of tricks and a wireless router of life that is light and obviously wireless. Easily connect your iPhone to the Internet to make your home wireless internet available on your laptop.

4th Home Automation with iPhone and X10
Did you imagine home automation with a device in your palm? The iPhone gave this idea a chance to become a reality. By step-by-step instructions, you can convert your iPhone to X10 using your home automation tool.

5th RC car internet control
Remote control elements were controlled only in the limited area with a remote control, but the iPhone changed this thinking, allowing it to control the Internet connection via the iPhone. The RC car can be controlled up to 1640 ft.

6th IPhone Controls Using iPhone
iPhone has not spared anything that can not be controlled with a remote control, but it can control your car with the iPhone app and the small device attached to your car, even if it's not in it.

7th Making a laser matrix projector for iPhone
The laser printer projector is another tool that allows iPhone to be transformed. Along with the iPhone application, some devices can be used with little help from the iPhone as a LaserMatrix projector.

8th View your webcam on iTouch or iPhone
Use iPhone / iTouch apps to view your webcams on your gadget.

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