7 Silly soundproofing myths

Believe it or not, there are very many silly sound-proof circuits today in the construction industry. You are surprised by the many strange techniques people are trying to do, honestly believe they will get the results they want. Below are some of the most common sound-insulating material myths and why they should cost them at all costs.

7th Soundproofing with Mussel

Mussel shells are very strong and durable. If not, the eggs bought in the shop break every week. The problem is that, despite our strength, they are made of porous material. This means that regardless of the amount of egg accessories between the walls, the sound continues to flow.

6th Black or Dark Paints

There is a gossip that circulates the heat when the walls are painted with dark or black paint, the color absorbs or blocks the sound. Do not waste your time or money. Toner does not pick up or block sound waves.

5th Loading Walls With Cellulose

Some people believe that charging their cells with cellulose efficiently loudspeakers their homes. Cellulose reduces the sound level but is enough to make a difference. Leakage of walls with cellulose is messy, costly and complete waste of time.

4th Balloons

Balloons are actually as silly as they sound, in fact they have certain sound absorbing properties. The problem is that they are dirty, smelly and cause fire. It is not really designed to be indoors (especially for soundproofing) and is easily stolen.

3rd Foam Rubber Foaming

Foam rubber is potentially an effective sound insulator (19459006) alternative. The problem is that foam sprays can easily rotten, they always look bad and do not do the job they want to do. The other drawbacks are the cost. You can buy the right soundproofing materials at a simple price.

2nd Carpet

Why would you want carpet to be carpeted on every wall of the house? The carpet absorbs the sound (slightly) but does not prevent the entry of noise from outside sources. Walling is naughty and we guarantee it will ever worsen. Leave the carpet on the floor.

first Lining up old mattresses to the wall

Who thought? The nailing of old mattresses to the wall is simply stupid. Minimal impact will be achieved and the amount of work you need to seize them, and sealing the seams is ridiculous. It's bad, stinky and moldy. Just say no.

Sound insulation of the apartment does not have to be difficult. There are dozens of soundproofing materials available – even if you have a tight budget.

Source by Deborah Dera

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