7 iPhone Extras, which you certainly can not

What can I write about iPhone extras that have not been written yet? I really feel intimidated by the many articles he wrote about it. There are people who love it. And people who – well – do not really love. At a time when the touchscreen sensitivity issues more attention than George Bush's next foreign policy disaster (OK, bad example, I know you have not been bothered with Bush for a long time) I lose all words, phrases and paragraphs to mention something i-Phone- which has not yet been written, spoken, proven or surprised.

However, I'm willing to tell you things that guarantee you can not. And all this, without having an iPhone. Yes, I know it's still a dream for most of us, but by the time this article comes to an end, you're one step closer to buying the ultimate tool.

  1. i-Phone has Safari. Yes, I know you know that. But you will not know that an app added to this version of Safari will appear to watch YouTube videos. This is done with the iPhone browsing speed.
  2. You know, with your finger you can roll on a web site in Safari. But what you do not know is that you can move sub-elements, such as frames, with two fingers.
  3. Websites in i-Phone are the full version of the web pages . By default, iPhone is used to view the full version of the web page. Well, in the hands of the iPhone, who needs these ugly m-versions?
  4. AT & T designed a special SIM for this. Now this is certainly the first. AT & T changed the i-Phone-specific features, such as non-linear mailboxes
  5. "Trust the phone," said Steve Jobs. And you know what, believe him. You know what he says. I tried a friend's i-Phone. I just started typing blindly. The fastest I ever wrote. And there was not even one single error . Trust me if I say that. Auto Correct Function is not a pack of genuine punches. This is the best I've ever met.
  6. Multiple touch screens are not just a fancy accessory. One of the most important features the iPhone. Computer World has introduced an interesting study. I-Phone, when resistors, such as HTC Touch and Nokia N 95, are emerging as triumphant. During the tests, users who have never used these tools have been downloaded these machines. It has been found that users have been snooping on the iPhone the fastest. The time needed to use "i-Phone" was the least.
  7. And the last thing you do not know about the iPhone is Yes, even if you do not have the money. Check out one of these deals here . (Unfortunately, this is only available to US residents).

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Source by Ankit Saxena

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