7 easy ways to save money

We all know how to spend money, but do we really know how to save our money? No, it is not necessarily a neglect for investment purposes – it's a good thing – but I'm saving money for everyday things. Here are seven easy ways to save money:

1. Use energy efficient tools. The old refrigerator or washing machine may be a pig of fuel. When purchasing a new unit, make sure the energy quality is high. However, it does not pay hundreds of dollars for the product if only slightly higher power is achieved. Instead, find out which model gives you the highest possible energy performance.

2nd Click the Coupons button. Save money with shopping coupons. Many stores add up to double or triple the coupons of manufacturers as an added "go" to buy.

3rd Shop The wholesale clubs. BJs, Sam's Club and Costco generally result in 10-30% lower savings in supermarkets. They also take coupons.

4th Get free samples. Manufacturers enjoy the removal of samples from products. Sometimes we only send a letter or e-mail to the appropriate department and your freebie will be sent in the form of a product or as a coupon to the email that will allow the purchase of the item free of charge

. Go to the library. Barnes and Noble and Borders offer a wide range of books to their clients. However, the same title can be found in the free public directory. If not, ask the librarian to order the book. Hey, a free book better than the $ 25 you'll pay for a bestseller!

6th Shop and Comparison. The internet allows consumers to buy and compare products sold anywhere. Find the best price and order the internet if the items are cheaper than your order. Do not forget to consider shipping, handling and taxes when ordering through the internet.

7th Reuse and recycling. Alternatively, the discarded item may be reused. If you are definitely not using the item to sell a garage sale and pocket your income. In any case, it contributes to a loud environment that does not send its unused goods to the dump site.

There are countless ways to save it even more than a week. You do not need a skin suit to live with real benefits, so start the seven men and go out another seven ways to save it.

Source by Matthew Keegan

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